NWGA Scanner | June 19th, 2022

Nashville man arrested for DUI after driving all over I-75 at 130 mph in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol crash report, On June 4th, 2022, at 3:01 AM, Lt. Logan Gass was traveling north on I-75 when he observed a vehicle approaching from the rear at a very high rate of speed. Lt. Gass reported, “[I] changed to the middle lane from the left lane. The vehicle, identified as a white Porsche Panamera, passed and continued recklessly. [I] observed that the Porsche was all over the roadway, utilizing all lanes. The driver was unable to keep his vehicle within a single lane. The Porsche was traveling between 120 and 130 miles per hour. [I] initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle. The driver was slow to stop but eventually pulled to the right shoulder.” The driver, identified as Michael Andre Waddell Jr., 41, of Nashville, kept the Porsche in “Drive” and kept his foot on the brake. According to the report, “When Waddell exited his vehicle, he was unsteady on his feet. He staggered to the rear of his car. Waddell was not wearing a shirt, and the trooper detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. His eyes were watery and bloodshot, and his speech was slurred. Lt. Gass reported, “As [I] further spoke with Mr. Waddell, [I] found the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was also emitting from his breath. All indications were that Mr. Waddell was highly intoxicated.” He explained to the trooper that he was dealing with serious personal issues. He stated that he was on the way home from Atlanta. Mr. Waddell denied consuming alcohol but then stated he had maybe three or four shots prior to driving. During field sobriety tests, Waddle showed several signs of impairment. Waddell was then placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state test of his breath. Waddell was then transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with DUI and speeding.