NWGA Scanner | November 24th, 2021

Nevada CMV driver arrested after leading Whitfield County deputy on multi-state pursuit while DUI

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on November 8th, 2021, at around 4:31 PM, Deputy Figg responded to the area of I-75 northbound at exit 336 in reference to a BOLO for a CMV driving erratic. According to the report, “As Deputy Figg was approaching the 336 on ramp, dispatch advised the CMV was approaching the 336 still in the left lane weaving over the roadway on the left shoulder of the roadway. Deputy Figg got on the on ramp in an attempt to catch up with the vehicle as traffic was heavy. As Deputy Figg was approaching the 338 Mile Marker, he observed the tractor-trailer still in the left lane on the left shoulder, as he was left of the cars also in the left lane. As Deputy Figg was working his way through traffic, he observed that vehicles were not wanting to pass the tractor-trailer as he was going from the left lane onto the left shoulder then would overcorrect going into the center lane then back to the left lane.” The deputy attempted a traffic stop on the tractor-trailer just before the Catoosa County Line. The deputy offset the tractor-trailer to his left so he would be able to see Deputy Figg and his emergency equipment. According to the report, “The tractor-trailer would then go to the left shoulder at which time Deputy Figg would attempt to offset him to the right at which time the tractor-trailer would overcorrect going into the center lane which Deputy Figg thought several times when he did this the driver identified as Brandon Lee Null, 29, of Las Vegas, NV, was about to roll his truck over.” During the pursuit, the purist speeds of the tractor-trailer did not get over 73 MPH and at one time got below 35 MPH in the left lane. According to the report, At exit 350 in Catoosa County, MCCD and Catoosa County Sheriffs Office joined Deputy Figg in an attempt to pull Brandon over. As the pursuit went into Tennessee, both agencies discontinued their assistance in the pursuit. According to the report, As the pursuit entered into Tennessee, the East Ridge Police Department joined in the attempt to get the tractor-trailer to stop. The East Ridge officer got up beside the tractor-trailer, and it appeared that the East Ridge officer got in front of the tractor-trailer, at which time the tractor-trailer did start to once again go into the left shoulder and slowed down almost to a stop but would not stop. The tractor-trailer continued on I-75 North into Chattanooga, where East Ridge Police stopped with their assistance in the pursuit. As the pursuit approached Highway 153, Sgt Southern caught up with Deputy Figg and assisted. According to the report, As the tractor-trailer was merging onto 153 northbound, Brandon finally pulled to the right and stopped. Deputies approached the cab in a felony stop. Brandon was taken into custody at gunpoint. Deputy Figg asked Brandon why he did not stop. Brandon stated he just didn’t. Brandon stated he did see the police but did not stop, not giving a reason. Deputies requested an ambulance to check Brandon out, and Hamilton County EMS responded. Chattanooga Police DRE certified officer Sgt Buckner responded to the scene to assist. According to the report, “Sgt Buckner conducted a field sobriety test which Brandon gave Sgt Buckner several indicators of him being under the influence of some type of narcotic. Sgt Buckner took Brandon into custody, charging him with felony fleeing to elude and DUI drugs. Brandon did state he had been taking Kratom.” A safety officer with Kennesaw Transportation advised the deputy she has been trying to get Brandon stopped since Duluth. According to the report, “She advised Deputy Figg she had received at least five phone calls from persons on the roadway telling her how horrible Brandon was driving. Jennifer advised Deputy Figg she had called GSP and other agencies in an attempt to get him stopped. The concerned motorist who called 911 advised they were in Gordon County when they observed the erratic driving. The second 911 caller advised the same thing As Brandon was taken into custody in Tennessee and transported to Hamilton County Jail by Chattanooga Police Department. Deputy Figg will take warrants for Brandon for a single lane violation, DUI drugs, reckless driving, fleeing to elude, left lane violation, and for impeding the free flow of traffic.