NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2021

North Carolina man charged with DUI after deputy checks on vehicle on side of Highway 27 in Chattooga County

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 1st, 2021, Deputy Alan Garmany was checking on stores around 4 a.m. when he saw “a vehicle sitting on the shoulder of Hwy. 27 in the southbound lane at Butler Daily Road before starting up Taylor Ridge. It was completely blacked out and not appearing to have any occupants inside,” according to the incident report. The deputy was curious about the vehicle since he did not notice it when he was heading to Gore earlier that morning. As Deputy Garmany approached the 2002 Lexus GS300, “[Kenny Odair Figueroa, 35, of Dunn, North Carolina] emerged out of the front driver side of the vehicle and [Deputy Garmany] commanded him through the P.A. of the patrol car to get back in the vehicle,” according to reports. The deputy recognized Figueroa from a separate incident on the same date at Commerce Street and West Washington Street, according to reports. While speaking with Figueroa, the deputy “detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage omitting off his person,” according to reports. Figueroa told Deputy Garmany he had been drinking a few hours ago, according to reports. Figueroa was instructed to exit his vehicle. When he did, he appeared “very unsteady on his feet while walking toward the back of his vehicle.” Figueroa “started getting irritated and defensive when [the deputy] asked him about the alcoholic beverage he had consumed,” according to reports. Figueroa then told Deputy Armstrong that the incident from earlier was not with him, but with “a friend that left him on the side of the road.” After “several attempts of asking to contact his friend who had dropped him off, Figueroa couldn’t provide any information on the friend and advised he wouldn’t consent to any field sobriety tests or provide a sample of his breath,” according to reports. Figueroa was placed into custody and advised the deputy that he had a firearm under his driver’s seat, according to reports. Figueroa was booked into the Chattooga County Jail charged with DUI.