NWGA Scanner | August 4th, 2021

Ohio man damages patrol vehicle, kicks and assaults Dalton PD officers while being arrested for DUI

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on July 28th, 2021, at approximately 11:04 PM, Officer Lewis and Officer Johnson arrived at 881 Holiday Inn Drive in reference to a subject in a “Budget” moving truck that was throwing up and throwing things out of the driver side window. According to the report, Officer Lewis arrived and made contact with the driver identified as Jason Patrick Dyer, 49, of Ohio. Officer Lewis reported, “As [I] approached the vehicle [I] observed several items on the ground by the driver’s side door. [I] also observed that Dyer was in the driver’s seat, with the key in the ignition and that the vehicle was running. As [I] talked to Dyer, [I] observed that his speech was very slurred. Dyer stated that he had parked the vehicle there so that it would be out of the way of everybody else. He stated that he had just been around the corner and had a few drinks. When asked what he had to drink, he stated that he had a couple of martinis. He then stated that he thought that the 911 caller was “Some b***h.” The officer spoke with the two witnesses, who stated they had been traveling south on I-75 since Catoosa County. They stated that they had called 911 and reported Dyer’s erratic driving. They stated that they followed Dyer into this parking lot, where they waited and called 911 again. They advised the officer that Dyer was swerving all over the roadway and that he could not maintain his own lane. They stated that due to his driving, he almost caused several crashes on the interstate. They stated that they didn’t want to leave him because they were afraid that he was driving so unsafely that he was going to crash and kill someone innocent. According to the report, “Dyer stated that he and his husband “Bill” were driving two separate vehicles and that they were moving down to Florida. He stated that they had stopped at Applebees, and that was where he had something to drink. He stated that he had three double shots of fireball and half a long island iced tea.” Sgt. Houck then arrived on the scene to assist the officers. According to the report, “Sgt. Houck told Dyer that he believed that Dyer was lying to officers. Dyer became very upset with that and began cursing.” According to the report, after discussing the situation amongst themselves, officers determined that “probable cause existed for an arrest to be made for DUI less safe.” Dyer immediately declined to do any field sobriety testing. Officer Lewis reported, “[I] then advised him to stand up and put his hands behind his back as he was under arrest. While yelling and cursing, Dyer was also on the phone and had his phone held up to his ear. [I] told Dyer to put the phone down and place his hands behind his back. Dyer did not comply with this, and his arm had to be forced behind his back. As [I] was walking Dyer to the rear of my patrol vehicle to place him inside, he began to pull away from me. [I] had to pull him back and stop him a couple of times while telling him not to pull away from me. Once [I] got the rear door of my patrol vehicle open, [I] told Dyer to have a seat in my vehicle.” Dyer ignored all the orders and continued to pull away from the officer, all while throwing a tantrum. The officer pulled Dyer to the entrance of the vehicle door. Dyer continued to resist arrest, continuing to push against the officer. According to the report, Dyer stated that he wasn’t going to have a seat. Dyer became extremely enraged and began to kick at Officer Lewis and Officer Johnson. As Dyer was violently kicking at officers, Dyer struck Officer Lewis on the left side of his head with his foot. Dyer also struck him in the left torso with his foot. Sgt Houck opened the other door of the patrol vehicle, and together they all were able to drag Dyer into the vehicle and shut the door. Once in the patrol vehicle, Dyer started to kick the door and window of the patrol vehicle. Officer Lewis reported, “In doing this, Dyer damaged part of the window of my government-issued patrol vehicle. Dyer yelled during the entire time Sgt Houck was reading implied consent and refused to give an answer.” During the inventory of the vehicle, two open bottles of alcohol were located in the passenger compartment that would have been in control of Dyer. Officer Johnson also located a total of three metal pipes that are commonly used to smoke illegal substances. He also located a large amount of marijuana along with brownies that are suspected to also contain an illegal substance. Dyer was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with DUI less safe, battery against a law enforcement officer, interference with government property, possession of drug-related objects x3, felony obstruction of law enforcement officer involving violence x2, open container x2, littering, and felony possession of marijuana.