NWGA Scanner | April 2nd, 2022

Operation April Fools’ Safety Check points in LaFayette lead to two separate chases with DUI drivers in Walker County

Operation April Fools’On Friday April 1, 2022 members of the LaFayette Police Department Road Patrol, Crime Suppression Unit, and Administration executed Operation April Fools’. The evening began with dinner and fellowship at the PD which was cut short with a Vehicle Chase that was initiated by an employee of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office who observed an intoxicated male driving erratically and it was quickly picked up by Georgia State Patrol and LaFayette PD officers. A successful PIT maneuver was made by GSP and the suspected intoxicated male, who had struck a Walker County Sheriff’s Deputy’s vehicle during the chase, was taken into custody with no injuries to him or law enforcement. The operation then began with a License Safety Check point on South Chattanooga Street at Cook Industrial Boulevard where the licenses of drivers from 300 vehicles were checked with 10 vehicles being detained, 4 arrests were made including a warrant, two unlicensed or suspended drivers, and one subject being arrested for obstruction.A second License Safety Check Point was established on East Villanow Street @ Patterson Road where after approximately 30 vehicles were checked, LaFayette PD’s Crime Suppression unit observed a black Chevrolet Suburban perform an Improper U-turn and when they attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle failed to stop and a second vehicle chase ensued. The chase was ended on Highway 151 by another successful PIT maneuver being applied by Georgia State Patrol. The driver was taken into custody with multiple traffic charges including DUI and the LaFayette PD Crime Suppression Unit located meth inside the vehicle and will be charging the driver with that drug charge as well as several other traffic offenses that occurred in the city limits.The LaFayette Police Department would like to thank it’s officers for their continued dedication to keep the community and the streets within safe for all of our citizens and visitors. We would also like to say thank you to the Georgia State Patrol and the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance on both vehicle chases this evening!