NWGA Scanner | March 8th, 2022

Philadelphia woman arrested in Tennessee after stealing vehicle from Dalton gas station with mother and child inside

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Feb. 20th, 2022, at 7:20 p.m. Officer Warren was sent to the BP at 1522 W. Walnut Avenue in reference to a kidnapping/vehicle theft. The report said the officer was met in the parking lot of the BP by the victim and his wife. The victim was holding his infant son. The victim frantically explained he and his wife had been grocery shopping in his 2012 Volkswagen CC. The victim said, “he stopped at the BP to get a few more items. When he did so his wife was in the back seat of the car, nursing their son. Because of this, the victim claimed that he left his car running and unlocked. The victim further claimed that he was attempting to check out at the counter inside the store when he looked out the store’s front window and realized that his car, along with his wife and son, was gone.” According to the report, “He claimed that he turned to the cashier and asked her what had happened to his car. The cashier stated that she did not know. The victim then claims that he went outside the store to look for his family and his car. The victim then claimed that the culprit was a black female, of average build, wearing a gray hoodie.” The wife said she was in the back seat, nursing her son, “when a Black female, wearing a gray hoodie, entered the car’s driver seat and began driving the car away from the gas station. The suspect drove the car west on West Walnut Avenue towards I-75. She then began yelling at the suspect. The suspect then told her to ‘shut up.’ The suspect then stopped at a red light just short of the I-75 North ramp and told the victim to get out of the vehicle. She then exited the vehicle with her son and a backpack and began walking back to the gas station. She stated that she did not see where the car went after she exited it.” The officer then went to the 301 Police Services Center to enter the vehicle into the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases. Officer Warren reported, “[I] was immediately notified of two separate hits concerning the stolen car. Both hits were out of Hamilton County, Tennessee. The first hit was from 9:13 p.m. and the second hit from 9:41 p.m. Officer Ridley made contact with Hamilton County Deputy Simulis informed that the car had entered a residential area at a high speed and was reported. He further informed officers that the driver was uncooperative and showing signs of intoxication. Deputy Simulis was eventually able to identify the suspect as Ms. Sieka L. Green, 27, of 2220 N. Bouvier St., Philadelphia, PA. The deputy said he had been able to identify the suspect as Sieka L. Green and “that he had found a receipt from the McDonald’s located at 1523 W. Walnut Ave. (located across the street from the BP) on Ms. Green’s person.” The receipt was from 6:45 p.m. The deputy said Green would be taken to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Green was extradited back to Whitfield County on Wednesday charged with kidnapping minor, kidnapping adult, and felony theft by taking vehicle.