NWGA Scanner | January 6th, 2022

Plainville man charged with DUI after being found high on meth in Gordon County

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Sunday, December 26th, 2021, at approximately 1:47 AM, Deputy Nicholas responded to Rome Road at Miller Ferry Road in reference to a vehicle parked on the side of the roadway with a male subject sitting in the white lines next to it. Deputy Nicholas located the vehicle and male subject, later identified as James Joseph Stanley, 45, of Plainville, located at Rome Road and Webber Road. According to the report, ” The deputy observed the listed 2009 GMC Yukon parked in the northbound turning lane of Rome Road with the door open, and the vehicle was running. Stanley was sitting on the gore of the roadway on Rome Road. The deputy observed Mr. Stanley’s behavior as very jittery and could not stay still. The deputy observed spit or drool coming from the corner of Mr. Stanley’s mouth. Mr. Stanley’s speech was very fast and did not make sense all the time.” Stanley stated that while driving the vehicle, gas started to come into the vehicle through the vents making him become nauseous. He said he pulled over and got outside of the vehicle. Stanley stated he was previously in prison for drugs. Stanley was very paranoid, referring to “They” and stating that, “I don’t know what they want,” and he “remembers everything.” Stanley stated he felt like someone had done something to his vehicle. Stanley further stated he “Doesn’t know if there is a tracker under it” or “If there is a drone.” The deputy asked when was the last time he used it. Stanley declined to answer the question and stated that “It would change your opinion of me in a bad way.” Stanley continued to make off-the-wall statements that didn’t make any sense. According to the report, “Because of Deputy Nicholas’ knowledge, training, and experience, he believed that Mr. Stanley was on methamphetamine.” Stanley was transported to the Gordon County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of DUI – less safe and Improper stopping on roadway.