NWGA Scanner | April 1st, 2022

Plainville man resists arrest after assaulting and attempting to strangle woman during violent domestic

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Saturday, March 26th, 2022, at 3:22 PM, a deputy responded to 1035 Red Bud Road (Adventh Health Gordon) in reference to a domestic assault report. According to the report, “The victim stated that she arrived to her residence on Plainville Road around 11:30 AM. She stated that Eric Jerome Townsend, 38, of Plainville, showed up around 1:00 AM, and woke her up. The victim stated Townsend started assaulting her. She stated that at one point during the altercation, Townsend grabbed her by the throat and started choking her to the point that she could not breathe.” The victim stated that she put her arms up in an attempt to defend her face; however, that is when Townsend started to hit the left side of her head. The victim stated she was barely able to get away from the violent attack. Warrants for Townsend for Aggravated Assault (FVA) and Aggravated Battery (FVA) were issued. On March 27th, 2022, at 2:00 PM, a deputy observed a subject on the property and advised Gordon County 911. According to the report, “The deputy exited his patrol vehicle and asked the male subject what his name was. The male subject responded, “Eric”. The deputy started walking toward Mr. Townsend, stating come here, let me talk to you. Mr. Townsend then walked to the passenger side of the black-in-color Nissan. The deputy continued to walk towards Mr. Townsend, all while Mr. Townsend continued to walk away. The deputy advised Mr. Townsend to put his hands behind his back. Mr. Townsend asked, “for what, what did I do”. The deputy stated to Mr. Townsend that he would explain once he put his hands behind his back.” The deputy retrieved his department-issued taser and pointed the taser at Townsend. Townsend continued to walk away; however, was stating, “please don’t hurt me”. The deputy gave Townsend loud verbal commands. While attempting to place Townsend into custody on the felony warrants Townsend resisted arrest by tensing up. According to the report, “Townsend then was able to get back to his feet where he ran for approximately 10-15 feet before the deputy pulled his taser again and deployed it. The taser made contact with Townsend’s abdomen and thigh; however, the contact was not sufficient, which allowed Townsend to turn in an attempt to run again. The taser contact then made proper contact with him, bringing him to the ground before another contact interruption. Townsend attempted to get up and run again; however, the deputy conducted another 5-second cycle. Townsend then attempted to throw a bag containing meth and pills inside underneath a vehicle. Townsend was transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with obstruction, possession of meth, possession of schedule IV drugs, aggravated assault (FVA), and aggravated battery (FVA).