NWGA Scanner | May 26th, 2022

Plainville woman arrested for DUI after driving all over the roadway while high on drugs in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On May 2nd, 2022, at approximately 11:48 PM, Deputy Anderson and TFC2 Terry were sitting stationary on GA 53 near the South Calhoun Bypass, observing traffic. Trooper Terry reported, “[I] noticed a tan passenger car pull up to the stop sign on the Bypass at GA 53. The driver, later identified as Jennifer Marie West, 38, of Plainville, sat at the stop sign for approximately 4-5 minutes and was on her phone. Eventually, the vehicle attempted to turn left onto GA 53. [I] observed the vehicle turn extremely wide and run off the roadway into the grass. [I] then activated by equipment and initiated a traffic stop.” The trooper reported when he made contact with West, she appeared to be trying to make herself cry or become upset. According to the report, She stated she was having “man troubles”. Trooper Terry reported, “While [I] was speaking to her, [I] noticed the mild odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. She had dilated pupils and was very jittery.” After she could not find her ID, the trooper advised her to exit her vehicle and walk to the rear of the vehicle. Trooper Terry reported, “It was at this moment the crying act stopped, and she wanted to know why. [I] then advised her multiple more times to exit her vehicle, and she then appeared to panic and again started reaching around in her vehicle. Not knowing if she was attempting to locate a weapon or evidence to destroy, [I] requested another unit. [I] then very sternly advised her to exit the vehicle, and she did so.” West then stated she had smoked a joint less than an hour before driving. Trooper Terry then conducted a brief search of her vehicle and, in her purse, immediately located a container that had meth. On the dash, the trooper located a Marlboro pack that contained marijuana. Trooper Terry reported, “After retrieving the items, Ms. West then began making multiple statements that led me to believe she was now a sovereign citizen. She stated no crime had been committed because there was no victim. She made multiple other statements that are those who claim to be sovereign citizens.” During field sobriety tests, West showed several signs of drug impairment. West then resisted arrest for a, but after a struggle, she was taken into custody. West refused the state test for her blood. On May 13th, 2022, West was booked into the Gordon County Jail, charged with driver to exercise due care, DUI less safe drugs, failure to maintain lane, improper left or right turn, possession of marijuana, and possession of methamphetamine.