NWGA Scanner | September 19th, 2021

Ringgold man arrested for DUI again after driving 80 mph on Highway 27 in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 12th, 2021, at around 8:16 PM, while Sgt. Clark sitting in a stationary position on Highway 27 just north of North Long Hollow Road, the deputy observed a vehicle approaching his position from the north at a rate of speed. Sgt. Clark reported, “[I] visually estimated as being approximately 75 mph. [I] activated the rear antenna of my patrol mounted stalker radar and obtained a visual display indicating the vehicle speed as being 80 mph in a 55 mph speed zone.” The deputy attempted a traffic stop and noticed that the 2009 Kia Rio appeared to be picking up speed. Sgt. Clark reported, “Upon doing so, the vehicle swerved from the left lane to the turning lane for Davis Road then began to brake hard as it turned onto Davis Road. [I] then noted that the suspect vehicle began to accelerate again, then abruptly turned into the long driveway of a church and accelerated again. As [I] was about to inform Walker E-911 that [I] believed the suspect vehicle was attempting to evade me, it suddenly came to a stop in the driveway.” The deputy made contact with the driver, identified as Jonathan Drew Grant, 32, of Ringgold. Sgt. Clark reported, “That while speaking to the suspect, he was swaying in his seat, his eyes were red and glassy, his speech was slurred and [I] could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the interior or person of the suspect.” Grant stated he had just moved to Tennessee and could not provide any proof of such nor provide proof of insurance. Grant’s driver’s license returned as being suspended for multiple failures to appears. According to the report, The vehicle registration returned suspended with no valid insurance. Sgt. Clark reported, “Once Grant was out of the vehicle, [I] noticed that he was very unsteady on his feet and could not maintain his balance. [I] asked the suspect how much he had to drink, to which he responded a few. When [I] asked him how much a few was, Grant, became uncooperative and began to tense up and get angry.” Grant was then placed under arrest, where he showed a BAC of 0.176. Grant then refused the state implied consent test. According to the report, During the vehicle inventory, and open 7.5 fl. Oz. (1 pint) can of Smirnoff ice smash screwdriver malt beverage 8% alc vol was located behind the passenger side seat in the floorboard. The can was cool to the touch and had condensation on the can. Grant was transported to the Walker County Jail, charged with DUI, suspended license, suspended registration, no insurance, open container violation, and speeding. Sgt. Clark reported, “It should be noted that a citation was found in the vehicle issued to Grant by Trooper Whitfield of the Georgia State Patrol Post 5 in Dalton for driving on a suspended license. According to online records, Grant has had several previous arrests for DUI.