NWGA Scanner | September 17th, 2021

Rocky Face man charged with 4 counts of DUI child endangerment after crashing ATV with kids

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 11th, 2021, at around 7:09 PM, Deputy Caraway was dispatched to the area of 3709 Hickory Lane for an ATV crash, and the driver was possibly intoxicated. According to the report, “Deputy Caraway was also informed via radio that the ATV had children on it when it crashed. While Deputy Caraway was en-route to the area to meet with a Dalton Police Department detective who had called in the crash, Deputy Caraway had an ATV pass him on, Hickory Lane. Deputy Caraway turned around after the detective pointed at it while saying that was it. Deputy Caraway had concluded it was the vehicle due to the roof being halfway caved in.” They attempted to stop the ATV, but it did not immediately stop. The ATV failed to maintain its lane and did not stop for the stop sign on West Randall at Ivy Street. The ATV finally came to a stop on Bivings Lane. The deputy made contact with the driver, identified as Nicholas Brent Stahl, 35, of Rocky Face. Stahl stated that he was on his way to check on his kids. According to the report, the deputy asked Stahl where his children were at and asked Stahl if he left his children with an adult. Stahl stated, “I like to think that I did.” According to the report, “While Mr. Stahl was talking, Deputy Caraway noticed that Mr. Stahl had slurred speech and glassy eyes. Deputy Caraway had Mr. Stahl take the Alco-Sensor test that showed he was positive for alcohol that showed .121 grams.” Due to Stahl possible having a head injury, no field sobriety tests were performed. According to the report, “Deputy Caraway placed Mr. Stahl under arrest for Driving Under the Influence. Deputy Caraway read Mr. Stahl Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects age 21 and over and asked for a breath test. Mr. Stahl agreed to take the breath test. The ATV was turned over to Mrs. Stahl, who was on her way to take one of the juveniles that were on the golf cart to the hospital in Chattanooga due to an injury. Stahl was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he showed a BAC of .164 grams. According to the report, “During the test, Mr. Stahl stated that he had consumed four Twisted Ice Tea’s and that he only felt buzzed.” Stahl was charged with DUI, four counts of DUI (endangering a child), failure to stop at a stop sign, and failure to maintain a lane. According to the report, “Deputy Caraway completed the Administrative License Suspension Form on Mr. Stahl. Deputy Caraway attempted to e Mr. Stahl to sign the form. Mr. Stahl requested to completely read the form first. Deputy Caraway gave the form to Mr. Stahl to read. Mr. Stahl then attempted to write on the form to explain how Deputy Caraway told him his breath test results. Deputy Caraway instructed Mr. Stahl that he only needed to sign it and not write any other additional remarks on the paper. Mr. Stahl then yelled at, Deputy Caraway stating, “so you just want me to sign this without my attorney present then.” Deputy Caraway then took the paper from Mr. Stahl and noted on the form as a refusal.” Another deputy met with the other three juveniles. One juvenile was checked by EMS and the Two juveniles that did not belong to Mr. and Mrs. Stahl were turned over to their parents. Deputy Buchanan also spoke with the detective who had called in the ATV crash. According to the report, “The detective told him that he had heard a loud bang and looked outside. The detective stated that he saw the ATV flipped over and heard kids screaming for help. The detective stated that he heard Mr. Stahl telling the kids to be quiet. The detective stated that he asked Mr. Stahl questions, but he completely ignored him and called someone on the phone. The detective stated that a male arrived on the scene quickly, helped flip the ATV back over, and then took off with the children with him. The detective showed Deputy Buchanan two Twisted Tea’s that were under the ATV after it had been flipped back over. One of the cans was 12 ounces, and the other was 24 ounces. Both cans were empty.”