NWGA Scanner | July 24th, 2022

Rome couple found in possession of stolen vehicle and large amount meth in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On July 9th, 2022, at 9:32 PM, Officer Newport was dispatched to an address on Billy Pyle Road in reference to a stolen 2004 silver Kia Spectra currently at the residence. The officer did not observe that vehicle in the driveway nor around the residence. Shortly after, Officer Newport observed the stolen silver Kia parked at 2516 Shorter Ave (Coosa Food and Beverage). Dispatch then advised me that this was the vehicle that had been reported stolen. Officer Newport reported, “[I] made my way inside the convenience store, and spoke with the clerk and asked him if he knew who was driving the silver Kia. The clerk stated that the person that he saw get out of the vehicle was in the back playing the “ding ding” machines. [I] then made my way to the back of the store and made contact with the male. As [I] asked him to speak with me, [I] noticed he was acting extremely nervous and was shaking. [I explained to him my reasoning for being there and detained him for further investigation. [I] then escorted the male outside and advised him of his Miranda Warning. The male stated his name was Keon Tywun Mathis, 35, of Rome, and stated that he was not driving the Kia. As [I] was speaking with Mr. Mathis, [I] noticed that he was extremely nervous and was moving around a lot. Mr. Mathis advised me that he possibly had warrants out for his arrest.” Officer Ribot arrived on the scene to assist. Mathis advised officers that the female inside identified as Desiree Starla Dean, 41, of Rome. While searching Mathis officers located a baggie containing meth. Officer Ribot then located a clear bag containing a large amount of meth near the front driver’s side tire. Officer Ribot then went inside and arrested Dean. According to the report, “During a search of the vehicle, additional contraband was located, including a digital scale, a 9mm magazine containing 9mm ammunition (located in a black backpack in passenger floorboard), and numerous clear plastic baggies (located in a green backpack in passenger floorboard).