NWGA Scanner | August 10th, 2021

Rome man arrested after 100 MPH pursuit on Highway 53 in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on July 22nd, 2021, at around 10:42 PM, Criminal Investigator Sgt. Clayton was traveling on GA 53 Near GA 1 Loop, headed northbound on GA 53 in an unmarked patrol vehicle. Sgt. Clayton reported, “[I] observed a vehicle in my rearview mirror traveling at a high rate of speed in the lane I was in (Slow Lane). [I] observed the vehicle approaching my vehicle, and at what [I] determined as an unsafe distance for the speed he was traveling, he abruptly changed lanes without signaling his intention to do so. [I] observed the vehicle to be a Black Nissan Product as it passed and observed it approach two vehicles in front of me, with both lanes of travel being occupied. The vehicle, now in the fast lane, rode near the bumper of the vehicle and abruptly changed lanes back to the slow lane, without proper distance to complete the change of lanes safely. The suspect vehicle than proceeded to gain distance between me, and the other cars traveling on the roadway. [I] maneuvered my vehicle around the cars in front of me and accelerated to try and get a pacing speed on the suspect vehicle. As [I] accelerated [I] realized that [I] was nearing 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, and the suspect vehicle was still pulling away from me.” The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle as speeds climbed in excess of 120 mph. Speeds continued at over 100 mph as they reached Willow Road at GA 53. The suspect, later identified Christopher Eugene Maxwell Jr, 36 of Rome, made a u-turn to head back south on GA 53. Sgt. Wade, K-9 Lt. Hovers, Officer Sangphim, Officer Bray, and Officer Puckett responded to the area to assist with the pursuit.
According to the report, due to the time of night, traffic was light, and there were not many vehicles traveling on GA 53. As the pursuit entered into the city limits on GA 53, Maxwell turned right on Broadus and headed back north on Broadus. Maxwell then entered the Apartment complex of Ashland Park and headed toward the gated community. Maxwell made a u-turn before entering the facility and headed out of the complex. Officer Puckett reported, “[I] attempted to cut off the exit to the apartment complex while still leaving an avenue of escape for the suspect vehicle. The Nissan did slow almost to a stop and appeared to be stopping just before its left front tire went over the curb and around my patrol vehicle. Once the Nissan went around my patrol and back onto Broadus, it traveled back toward GA 53” According to the report, Officer Puckett took primary in the pursuit due to being in a marked patrol unit. Maxwell then came to an abrupt stop on Highway 53, where he exited the driver seat fleeing on foot back toward Ashland Park Apartments. Lt. Hovers arrived and deployed K-9 Lex. Sgt. Wade, who was searching with K-9 Lex, reported, “While checking the area, there were two commercial dumpsters on-site that K-9 Lex showed great interest in one of the dumpsters. [I] climbed on the side of the dumpster where [I] observed a black male (Maxwell) wearing a red hoodie lying in the dumpster. Lt. Hovers and [I] both began giving verbal commands for the subject to stand up and climb out of the dumpster.” Maxwell then jumped out of the dumpster and took off on foot. Sgt. Wade deployed his taser but missed. Officer Sangphim then observed Maxwell running toward him wearing a red hoodie. He had a black object in his hands. Officer Sangphim reported, “[I] had drawn my service weapon and pointed it at the suspect. [I] announced myself as “Floyd County Police” and began issuing verbal commands for the suspect to get down on the ground. [I] then observed the suspect had two black objects in his hands that [I] couldn’t identify, but he quickly threw them away (phones).” Maxwell was then taken into custody with the help of other officers. According to the report, It was determined that Maxwell had a suspended license, and during a probable cause search of the vehicle, a small amount of marijuana was located in the car and just outside the door of the driver’s side of the vehicle. Maxwell was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with fleeing and attempting to elude police, speeding, driving on a suspended license, and obstruction x2.