NWGA Scanner | February 27th, 2021

Rome man arrested after leaving scene of crash in Chattooga County while DUI

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on February 10th, 2021, at approximately 5:33 PM, Sergeant Cain was dispatched to a hit-and-run vehicle crash on GA 1 (Hwy 27) in Chattooga County. The victim stated that the suspect, identified as Jonny Marl Garret, 54, of Rome, struck his vehicle on GA 1 south of Butler Dairy Road and left the scene. The victim stated to the trooper that he followed the suspect and contacted Chattooga County 911 to report the hit-and-run crash and the suspect’s vehicle information. Garrett was then stopped by Summerville Officer Bates on University Street. The trooper met with Chattooga Sheriff’s Deputy Sanford, who had Garrett under arrest for leaving the scene of the crash. Garrett stated that he did not have a license when the trooper asked him. Garrett had an extremely difficult time recalling his address and other simple things. Trooper Cain reported, “While he was speaking [I] detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. [I] then entered Garrett’s information into GCIC/NCIC, and it returned with numerous suspensions. [I] then asked him how much alcohol had he consumed that day? He stated that he had consumed “a lot of beer.” He stated that he wasn’t sure how many beers he had consumed. He then stated that he had also consumed a “couple” shots of liquor as well.” During the HGN test, Garrett showed six out of six clues of impairment and had to lean against the trooper’s patrol vehicle to keep his balance. Garret observed his eyes to be bloodshot and watery, along with having droopy eyelids. Garrett refused Georgia’s Implied Consent Notice and stated that he had already told the trooper that he had been drinking. Garret was transported to the Chattooga County jail charged with failure to report accident, hit-and-run leaving scene of crash, driving while license suspended, and DUI.