NWGA Scanner | March 4th, 2021

Rome man arrested after leaving the scene of crash in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on February 12th, 202, at around 11:22 PM, Officer Tetsworth and Officer McMeekin responded to a report of a vehicle crash in front of 111 Wilkerson Road. The officers arrived and saw that Sunrise Towing had already been called to the scene. Officers observed a blue 2004 Dodge Durango in the ditch and noticed the driver who had left the scene of the crash had tried their best to drive away and tore up the yard in the process before giving up. Officers also observed tire marks leading around the corner of Wilkerson Road at Drummond Drive, showing that the driver, later identified as Justin Bryan Hilyer, 34, of Rome, had run the stop sign and driven too fast for conditions. The wrecker driver stated that Hilyer had walked off. The wrecker driver also stated that the Hilyer had gotten out with an alcoholic drink in his hand wearing a blue shirt. Officers looked inside the vehicle where they detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage and also observed “Bud Light” beer cans opened in the passenger area. Officer learned where Hilyer lived and that he also had no license. Officers went to Edwards Street, where Hilyer lived. Officer knocked on the front door, and Misty Carter answered the door. Misty stated that Justin was no longer at the residence and that they got into an argument. Misty then asked the officers why they were bothering her. When the officers advised her why they were there, she asked them to leave if they did not have a warrant. The officers left and returned on February 17th, 2021, at around 9:48 PM, to serve the warrant for Justin Hilyer’s arrest. Shortly after arriving on the scene, Officer Tetsworth observed Hilyer punch out a back window and throw his shoes out the window. Hilyer then began to crawl out the window in an attempt to flee. He then looked to his right and noticed the officer was there. He tried to flee back into the house but was grabbed by the officer and warned not to try anything stupid. Hilyer was placed under arrest. Hilyer asked the officers why he was being arrested. They answered him, stating the charges. Hilyer then stated, “I’m not going to lie; I was driving.” Hilyer was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with driving without a license, hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to the scene of accident, open container violation, too fast for conditions (basic rules), and failure to maintain lane.