NWGA Scanner | September 19th, 2022

Rome man arrested after refusing to give trooper license during traffic stop for speeding in Floyd County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on September 2nd, 2022, at 1:07 PM, Trooper Sanders initiated a traffic stop on a 2016 Ford Mustang after checking the driver traveling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. The trooper made contact with the driver, later identified as Carlos Alberto Sanchez, 26, of Rome, and advised him of the reason for the stop. Trooper Sanders reported, “The driver stated, “let me see the gun”. [I] advised the driver that [I] was using a radar. The driver again asked to see it and [I] advised him “no”. The driver stated, “let me call my lawyer then”. [I] stated “ok, let me see your license”. The driver stated, “in order for him to get a ticket he needs to see the gun”. [I] advised him no. I advised the driver in order to give him a ticket, [I] needed to know who he is. [I] advised the driver again that [I] stopped him for speeding and that he was required by law to give me his driver’s license. The driver stated, “no, I’m not”. [I] asked the driver once again if he was going to provide me with his driver’s license, and he stated he was not. [I] asked the driver to exit the vehicle, and he stated why. [I] advised him that he was under arrest. The driver stated that he would give me his license for that. The driver again asked to see “the gun,” and [I] advised him that “in order for him to see it, he would have to come back to my car” and he stated, “no he does not”. [I] asked the driver again to exit the vehicle, and he refused.” The trooper attempted to open the driver’s door, and the driver quickly locked the door. The driver stated he needed to see the trooper’s supervisor now. The trooper requested more units to assist with the removal of the driver. Floyd County Officer McCormick and Officer Matthews responded to the traffic stop. Trooper Sanders reported, “[I] advised the driver that if he did not exit the vehicle that [I] would have to break his window and forcefully remove him, and [I] did not want to have to do that.” The driver continued to refuse to exit the vehicle. Trooper Sanders proceeded to break the driver’s window by pulling the window with my hands. The driver began yelling, “stop”. Trooper Sanders, Officer McCormick, and Officer Matthews grabbed Sanchez and pulled him out of the vehicle, and placed him under arrest. Sanchez was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with obstruction, speeding, and failure to produce license on demand.