NWGA Scanner | October 8th, 2022

Rome man arrested after shoplifting 24oz can of Bud Ice from Circle K in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On September 26th, 2022, at 2:21 AM, Officer Pelanek was dispatched to Circle K located at 1881 Calhoun Hwy for a theft in progress. Dispatch informed the officer that the male subject, later identified as Timothy James Thomas, 52, of Rome, that was stealing from the store, left with the 24oz can of Bud Ice. Shortly after, Officer Pelanek located Timothy and his truck. Officer Pelanek reported, “[I] was talking to him when [I] noticed a can of beer matching the description that was taken sitting on the seat. When [I] asked him about it he told me that its been there all day. But when looking at the can, you could tell that it had been sweating and there was moisture from being cold to sit in a warmer climate. Timothy kept saying that he did not steal a beer from the store but said he will go back and pay for it. [I] explained to him that it was too late that the beer had been taken. [I] asked him about driving the truck, and he told me that someone else was driving and that they went around the building to take a piss but must have seen us and walked off. When [I] ran Timothy, he came back suspended for DUI. [I] had Captain Lom go back to the store and ask if they wanted to press charges, and [I] was told they did so [I] placed Timothy under arrest. Timothy was transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with theft by shoplifting.