NWGA Scanner | November 12th, 2022

Rome man arrested after speeding 91 mph on GA-20 and fleeing from Floyd County police officer

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On October 28th, 2022, at 8:30 PM, Officer Penny was sitting stationary, monitoring traffic on GA-20 East near Biddy Cut-Off Road, facing south. Officer Penny reported, “It was at this time that [I] noticed a vehicle traveling east at a high rate of speed. [I] pointed the reticle of my department issued LIDAR, at the rear of the vehicle obtained a speed reading of 91 MPH.” Officer Penny attempted to stop the vehicle. Once inside Bartow County, the officer did not see the vehicle. Officer Penny reported, “[I] did notice someone traveling the same direction as [I] pointed out the window. [I] looked to my left and noticed the vehicle parked near a gate down a short side road. [I] had to continue to the next turnaround point to get back to the vehicle. Upon getting to the vehicle, [I] exited with my gun drawn and noticed the vehicle to be unoccupied.” While searching the vehicle, Officer Penny located a wallet inside the vehicle belonging to William Dean Owens, 21, Rome. Owens and Analise Adams, 20, were located the next roadway over and brought back by other officers on the scene. Owens advised he fled because he thought he would be arrested for having no insurance on the vehicle. It was discovered that Owens and Adams had met online and had only been together a day. Owens was transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with felony fleeing, speeding, and driving with no insurance.