NWGA Scanner | August 14th, 2021

Rome man arrested for DUI after 911 call from concerned motorist about a reckless driver in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on August 1st, 2021, at around 7:43 PM, Officer Dollar responded to the area of State Route 293 and Wilshire Road in reference to a possible impaired driver. The call was given out as a “Be on the lookout.” The witness/concerned citizen stated that that the driver was in a silver 2021 Toyota Highlander and had run upon him at the light and almost struck him in the rear end. He stated that they both turned onto Kingston Highway, where the vehicle passed him doing around 80 MPH. The concerned motorist informed dispatchers that the driver was swerving in his lane and almost ran over the median before swerving back into his lane. When the driver swerved back into his lane, the driver almost hit someone else in the rear end. The driver then ran the red light. The concerned motorist followed the erratic and reckless driver to Rick’s Food Mart, located at State Route 293 and Wilshire Road. The driver then turned into the driveway at 45 Doncaster Drive. When the officer arrived, she found a female in the vehicle crying profusely. Officer Dollar reported, “[I] attempted to ask the female what was going on, but Jordan Travon Calderon, 22, of Rome was very intoxicated and shouting profane language at the female. Jordan was calling her a b***h and some other words. I asked Jordan why he was speaking to her in that way, and he stated because he can do what he wants. Jordan’s speech was slurred, and Jordan also had some type of food spilled all over the interior passenger side of the vehicle and on himself. Due to Jordan continuing to shout profanity at the female, [I] asked her to step out and come speak with me at my patrol vehicle.” The female victim stated to the officer that Jordan always speaks to her like that. While attempting to speak with the victim, Jordan then exited the vehicle. According to the report, Jordan attempted to come back to where they were speaking. When asked why he was walking back to them, Jordan stated that he could do what he wanted. Officer Dollar reported, “[I] observed Jordan stumbling while he was walking back to my patrol vehicle. [I] could also detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Jordan’s person.” Jordan was placed under arrest for DUI. While placing Jordan in handcuffs, Jordan slurred his speech and was asking why he was being arrested. Jordan consistently stated that the officer was arresting him for no reason. Jordan shouted that he was being arrested for no reason. The officer attempted two times to inform Jordan of the Georgia Implied Consent notice for persons over the age of 21, but Jordan continued to not listen. Jordan kept interrupting her and shouting that he wanted her chief to come to the scene and that he did not do anything wrong. According to the report, the officer did observe numerous White Claw hard seltzer alcoholic beverages in the floorboard of the front passenger seat that was all still cold to the touch. Jordan was transported to the Floyd County Jail, where he advised that he has a drinking problem. Jordan stated that he should not be doing that (drinking and driving). According to arrest reports, Jordan has a history of domestic violence and intoxicated arrests.