NWGA Scanner | October 7th, 2022

Rome man arrested for DUI after 911 calls from concerned citizens regarding reckless driver in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 28th, 2022, at 4:01 PM, Officer Puckett responded to a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a possibly intoxicated driver in a black Chevrolet Silverado traveling in the area of SR 101. Officer Puckett reported, “While [I] was en route to the area, dispatch received several more calls in reference to the same Chevy and the same manors of driving. The callers were saying that the Chevy was failing to maintain its single-lane position and had almost struck several other vehicles. The callers were also able to tell dispatch that the driver appeared to be wearing a hat. While responding to the area, one of the callers advised that the Chevy was now traveling on Booze Mountain Road toward GA 1 South. Dispatch then relayed to me that the Chevy had struck a sign, reversed, and left the scene of the collision at a high rate of speed while still failing to maintain its single-lane position. After hearing that the reported driving had worsened and that he was actively fleeing the scene of a collision, [I] activated my emergency equipment (lights and siren) and upgraded my response.” Officer Puckett located the truck the in the trailer park located at 3102 Cave Spring Road and made contact with Michael Devon Whitman, 32, of Rome. The officer immediately noticed that Michael’s pupil’s appeared extremely constricted and “pinpoint”. He also observed Michael’s muscle tone in his arms appeared to be rigid, and his arms appeared very venous. According to the report, “Michael admitted that he had struck a sign on the side of the roadway while on his way home from work. Michael said that the brakes and power steering pump were bad on the truck. While speaking with Michael, the officer was able to hear that his speech sounded thick and quickened. Michael told me that he left the scene of striking the sign because he “didn’t think anything of it” since it was not a person or vehicle that he struck.” During field sobriety tests, Michael showed several signs of impairment. Officer Puckett reported, “As [I] got closer to Michael during the times [I] was giving him instructions I was able to detect an odor which [I] was unable to definitively identify as alcohol. Following all of my tests and evaluations, [I] determined Michael have been driving while impaired. Michael was placed into handcuffs and advised that he was under arrest for DUI. [I] began to read Michael the GA Implied Consent Notice. Michael immediately interrupted me saying that he did not understand what I was saying. [I] began to re-read the notice. Michael, again, tried to interrupt me by telling me that he did not understand what [I] was saying and that he did not understand English. Michael, who had been speaking English throughout our interaction, told me this in English. [I] continued to read the notice and asked for a blood and urine test. Michael ignored my question and began yelling profanities.” Michael was booked into the Floyd County Jail and charged with DUI, failure to maintain a single lane, and duty upon striking a fixed object.