NWGA Scanner | July 6th, 2022

Rome man arrested on child cruelty charges after violent alcohol-fueled domestic with girlfriend in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On June 27th, 2022, at 12:45 AM, Officers Newport, Bray, and Captain Johnson were dispatched to 26A Northridge Drive in reference to a domestic disturbance. According to the report, “911 advised that a female was screaming for help stating that her boyfriend Justin Cory Poole, 34, of Rome, was attempting to force his way into her residence and kill her. The female victim advised she was trying to hold the door closed, and she heard him discharge a firearm outside the residence. 911 also advised that it sounded like shots were being fired over the line. While en route, 911 advised responding officers that the male had succeeded in busting in the door. Before officers arrived, Justin fled the residence and scene in a silver GMC Envoy headed toward Calhoun Road. Shortly after officers located the GMC Envoy parked at Stop N Shop located at 2355 Calhoun Road. Officers took Justin at gunpoint while Captain Johnson went to the driver’s side. Poole resisted arrest by using his body weight and try to pull himself back into his vehicle. Officer Newport assisted with getting Justin into custody. Officers observed several silver empty 12 oz Natural Lite Beer cans in the front passenger floorboard. Justin was read implied consent and agreed to a state blood draw. The victim stated earlier that day, that she and her boyfriend (Justin Poole) had taken her two son’s to a swimming party. She stated Justin had been drinking heavily at the party and had stopped to get some more beer on their way home. According to the report, “She stated she does not allow Justin to drink around her kids, so he was outside in the car drinking and listening to music. She stated she had to text Justin several times to turn the music down because he was playing it way too loud. She stated she had finally gone to sleep and was woken up by Justin banging on the window and kicking on the front door. She stated while Justin was trying to kick the door down, she could hear him on the phone with someone, and he was calling her a w***e. She stated she does not allow Justin to drink around her kids because he turns into a completely different person and goes into a rage.” Officer Bray observed a piece of the door frame of the floor of the living room and the door frame to be spit where the deadbolt locks. He also observed the screen on the front window near the door to be raised and torn as if someone was trying to get in from the outside.” Justin was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with simple assault, two counts of 2nd-degree cruelty to children, criminal trespass, DUI, and an open container violation.