NWGA Scanner | December 27th, 2020

Rome man crashes into vehicle while driving drunk and leaves scene

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on December 13th, 2020, at approximately 6:14 Pm, Rome City Police Officer Turrentine responded to South Division Street in reference to a hit and run. The officer made contact with the complainant, who advised a silver Toyota Sienna struck her vehicle and left the scene. She advised that the vehicle had a blue license plate and the license plate number was DAI349. After getting the victim’s information, the officer drove down Melrose Avenue to check the address on the license plate. While traveling down Melrose Avenue, a silver Toyota Sienna bearing a blue license plate or DAI349 passed the officer. The officer stopped the vehicle and observed a Hispanic male, later identified as Misael Morales, 22, of Rome. Morales advised the officer he did not speak English. Morales was observed as having slurred speech and smelling of an alcoholic beverage. Dispatch connected the officer to a language line so he could communicate with Morales. Morales advised that he had seven Bud Lights about five hours ago. Morales then advised that he had hit another vehicle on South Division Street about 30 minutes prior. Morales refused to do field sobriety tests. Officer Hunter then arrived on the scene and asked Morales if he would blow into his portable AlcoSensor. Morales agreed and blew a .226. While searching the vehicle incident to arrest, officers located two opened Bud Light cans in the middle console cup holders. They also located an opened Bud Lightbox with two opened Bud Light cans inside as well as three opened Bud Light cans in the floor board beside the box along with an opened Bud Light can in the front passenger floor board. Implied consent was read to Morales, which he refused. Morales was transported to Floyd County Jail, charged with hit and run, DUI, and driving without a valid license.