NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2021

Rome man found trespassing at Rome Cinemas charged with littering after throwing cigarette out patrol vehicle

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on August 26th, 2021, at around 12:06 PM, Officer O’Braynt arrived at the parking lot of the Rome Cinemas on Shorter Ave, per Asst. Chief Ewing to address the issue of a male later identified as Steven Lanier Cooley, 56, of Rome, that has been banned from the property several times in the past. Asst. Cheif Ewing advised he was squatting on the property. Officer O’Braynt arrived and spoke with Cooley, who appeared to be sorting through what looks like a pile of trash, but claimed it was belongings. Dooley was placed under arrest and in handcuffs. The officer patted him down and placed him in the backseat of her patrol car. Officer O’Braynt reported, “While en route to the jail, [I] kept smelling a strong odor of cigarette smoke coming from the backseat. [I] looked back in the backseat where Dooley was and saw a cloud of cigarette smoke coming from him. [I] put the car in park, with my emergency lights on, and assisted him out of the vehicle, asking him where the cigarette butt was. Dooley denied smoking a cigarette several times. [I] observed ashes in the backseat where Dooley had been sitting. Dooley pointed to a used cigarette in the road next to my patrol car but then said it was his. [I] took his cigarettes out of his pocket and placed Dooley back in the backseat and continued to the jail.” The officer advised Dooley that, once searched at the jail, if a cigarette butt wasn’t found on his person during the jail search, she was going to assume that he threw it out on the street. No cigarette butts were located on his person or in my vehicle, so the officer charged Dooley with littering and trespassing.