NWGA Scanner | August 16th, 2022

Rome man kidnaps child, leads police on dangerous 118 mph chase in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 18th, 2020, at around 3:21 AM, PFC. Sangphim responded to the Circle K Gas Station located at 1881 Calhoun Road in reference to an abducted child. The victim’s boyfriend had taken her child and had been drinking. Upon my arriving the officer made contact with the mother of the child, who stated her boyfriend, Tiquan Barrett, 23 of Rome, had taken her two-year-old child against her wishes and was refusing to bring him back. Tiquan called the victim, stating he was not bringing her the child, and if she wanted the child, she would come to another location. Tiquan also threatened that he would fight with police upon arrival. A witness was also on scene and advised she had witnessed these events and that Tiquan had slapped her in her face. She stated the incident was captured on the surveillance cameras at the Circle K. The victim advised the officer that Tiquan did not have any parental rights to the child. Tiquan, pulled into the Circle K Gas Station in a 2007 Red Dodge Charger moments later. The officer approached the vehicle while the victim was getting her child out of the back seat. Officer Sangphim asked Tiquan to step out of the vehicle. Officer Sangphim reported, “Tiquan was exhibiting pre-flight indicators, his focus was on the road ahead, and he was scanning for avenues of escape, he was gripping his gear shift with one hand and the steering wheel with the other hand.” Officer Sangphim repeated commands for Tiquan to step out of the vehicle to which he refused. Officer Sangphim reported, “[I] gave Tiquan a loud verbal command to “get out of the vehicle now,” he again refused.” The officer opened Tiquan’s door with the intention of placing him under arrest for obstruction of a law enforcement officer. Tiquan took off at a high rate of speed, initiating a pursuit. Officer Sangphim ran to his patrol vehicle, giving chase. Officer Sangphim reported, “At this point [I] felt [I] had enough probable cause to believe that Tiquan had committed a forcible felony (kidnapping), he was possibly under the influence of alcohol and a serious threat to the safety of the general public.” Tiquan pulled out on to Calhoun Road, took a left on to the GA – 1 Loop and continued toward GA – 293. Tiquan’s vehicle reached speeds up to 118 mph during the 55 mph zone. Tiquan made a left onto GA – 293 from the Loop. Tiquan then swerved into the oncoming lane on GA – 293 near Old Freeman Ferry Road. Tiquan nearly struck a vehicle head-on and then swerved back into his lane of travel. Officer Sangphim considered calling off the pursuit for the safety of the general public, but Tiquan took a left onto Moran Lake Road. He slowed to speeds of 60 mph and drove in the center of the roadway almost the entire time. Dispatch confirmed to the officer that the child was not in the vehicle. Tiquan came to a sudden stop in the middle of Hasty Road at Lewis Barrett Road and fled on foot. The officer gave chase but eventually lost sight. Lt. Williams and other officers searched the area but could not locate Tiquan. The victim advised the officer that Tiquan had taken her child without permission from her home, and then against her wishes, fled from the Circle K with her child. Officer Sangphim was advised again that Tiquan had consumed alcohol earlier that night, but the victim did not know if he was still under the influence. Both victims were advised of TPO procedures, and a victim notification form was completed. Tiquan showed to have an active warrant for his arrest in GCIC. Officers watched surveillance video from the Circle K, which confirmed the witnesses and victim stories. Warrants for kidnapping, battery, terroristic threats and acts, reckless driving, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, failure to maintain lane, attempting to elude police, and obstruction were obtained for the arrest of Tiquan. On Tuesday, September 22nd, Floyd County sheriff’s Office arrested Tiquan on the warrants and booked him into the Floyd County Jail.