NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2021

Rome man throws skillet of cooking shrimp on Floyd County officers during heated domestic altercation

August 23rd, 2021, at around 8:00 PM, Officer Overstreet responded to Lionel Lane in reference to a heated domestic altercation. According to the report, “Dispatch stated that the person causing an issue was the father who was under the influence of alcohol according to witnesses on the scene.” Officer Overstreet arrived on the scene and was waved down by a young male. The officer made contact with the victim, who stated that her dad, identified as William Terry Bryant, 52, of Rome, had just come back home and that she was beginning to cook some shrimp for dinner. According to the report, “She stated that he began to get an attitude that he did not want that. She continued stating that she had been planning to cook this all weekend and that if he did not want it, he didn’t have to eat it.” The victim stated Bryant got mad and balled his fist up and walked up to her as if he was going to hit her. According to the report, the victim stated that she said, “you better not hit me.” Bryant then picked up the noodles from the pan and threw them on the floor. Bryant began calling her a “b***h,” and continued to argue. A young juvenile stated that they were about to fight, and he stepped in the middle of the two family members. The victim stated that her dad also threw her hair care products across the kitchen. Officers spoke with Bryant, who stated that his daughter then called him a “b***h” and began to argue with him. Officer Overstreet reported, “[I] walked back to my patrol unit to secure a few witnesses statements for all the parties involved to write out what. As [I] walked inside the residence for the parties to fill out the statements, [I] could hear Bryant making statements about leaving the thing on the counter and that we were running up behind him. While standing there handing out the statement forms, Bryant and his wife got into an argument, and [I] had to explain to them that they were adults and weren’t going to argue anymore.” According to the report, Bryant then stated that he wanted to press charges on them for lying about him. The officer gave statement forms to Bryant, witnesses, and the victim. Officer Overstreet reported, “[I] offered one to Bryant, but he stated that he wasn’t doing that. [I] explained to him that this could help the case, and he stated that there was no case.”Sgt. Holbrook’s arrived and was informed of the incident. Officers spoke with the victim and asked her if Bryant had ever done this before. She stated not to her, but he does it to her mom a lot. According to the report, “Sgt. Holbrook that Bryant was going to be charged Simple Assault FVA.” Bryant asked what he was being placed under arrest for and was told that he was being placed under arrest for domestic violence. Officer Overstreet reported, “As Sgt. Holbrook and [I] attempted to place cuffs on the offender he pulled away several times. [I] advised the offender several times to place his hands behind his back. The offender then began to cuss and scream about how he couldn’t be going to jail for domestic violence. [I] did tell the offender that if he didn’t stop that he was going to get tased. Bryant continued to resist arrest, and [I] pulled my issued taser and gave him commands to place his hands behind his back. As we struggled to restrain, he threw the skillet of shrimp and grease that was cooking on the hot stove at me. Once he thew the pot [I] utilized the taser and the probes struck in the lower stomach area.” After struggling with officers, Bryant was placed under arrest. Once secured, the offender was no longer a threat, and no other force was utilized other than an escort. He did state that he wanted to hit the girl but that he didn’t because it was his daughter. According to the report, even upon arrival at the hospital, he still yelled and caused a scene. Bryant was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with simple assault FVA, disorderly conduct and cruelty to children in the 3rd, and felony obstruction.