NWGA Scanner | May 24th, 2021

Rome man violates TPO and assaults woman during violent domestic in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on May 12th, 2021, at around 11:45 PM, Officer Puckett and Officer Bray responded to the area of Park Avenue in reference to a welfare check. Officer arrived on the scene and spoke with a witness. She said that when she arrived at her residence on Park Ave, she could hear a female screaming for help. She said that when she looked around the corner of her residence, she could see a female sitting in the front yard area of 759 Park Ave yelling, “help me!” “Help me!”. There was a male standing over the female victim, dragging her back into the residence on Park Avenue. Officers quickly made their way to the residence. Officer Puckett reported, “As we approached the residence [I] began to hear what sounded like yelling inside of the residence. Once on the front porch, [I] could hear a male, later identified as Stephen Fuqua, 43, of Rome, yelling at a female. While Stephen was yelling at (victim) [I] could hear (victim) crying while replying to Stephen.” The officer could observe Stephen moving slowly and appearing to be quiet in his movement after knocking on the door. Officer Puckett knocked a second time and observed the female victim move toward the door in an attempt to get help. Stephen placed his body between her and the door, preventing her from getting to the door. Officer Puckett reported, “[I] then observed Stephen grab (victim) and forcibly push her down the hallway and into the rear bedroom of the residence. At this point, [I] advised dispatch that we were going to be forcing entry into the residence. Officer George, Officer Boatfield, and Officer MasciovecchioI responded as well to assist with the situation. Officer Puckett began knocking again loudly and announcing that they were the police and he needed to come to the door. After several attempts, the officer advised that if he did not come to the door, they would be coming inside the residence. Fearing for the female’s safety, the officer kicked in and forced the door open. Stephen abruptly exited the bedroom doorway and was taken at gunpoint. Stephen did not comply with the verbal commands and continued to advance toward their position inside of the residence. According to the report, “Stephen lost his footing and ended up in the floor against the refrigerator where he was detained by PFC Bray.” Officer Puckett loudly asked the female victim where she was at. She said, from the bedroom, “I’m in here, please help me!”. Officers tried to speak with the female victim but could not effectively communicate with her due to Stephen’s yelling at the officers in the other room. Officer Puckett returned to the kitchen area and attempted to answer Stephens’s questions. Stephen would not allow him to talk, so he returned into the room with the female victim. According to the report, every time the female victim heard Stephen’s voice, she became visibly upset and appeared to be very scared of Stephen. Officers had to assist Stephen to a patrol vehicle as he was resisting arrest and refusing to comply. The female victim was still visibly upset and was observed by officers to have obvious marks resulting from a physical altercation. She had a bruise on the left side of her neck, a bruised knot on the left side of her forehead several scratches on her left forearm. Officers were then advised that there was an active Temporary Protection Order in place between Stephen and the victim. The female victim stated the Stephen showed up. She said out of nowhere and unprovoked, Stephen began yelling and cursing at her, saying she was a “lying f**king bitch”. The victim said that she did go outside and began yelling for help. Stephen grabbed her by her neck at that time and dragged her across the ground and back inside of the residence by her neck. Once inside of the residence, Stephen began to violently assault her and choked her to the point where, according to her, she could not breathe. The victim advised that during the altercation, Stephen told her, “I’m gonna kill you tonight. I don’t care. You have left me too many times”. Stephen was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with battery – family violence, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, aggravated stalking, and terroristic threats and acts.