NWGA Scanner | October 11th, 2022

Rome man with warrants fights and assaults Floyd County Police officers during arrest at house

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On October 2nd, 2022, at 6:02 PM, Officer George, Officer Newport, Officer Lanier, and Sgt Wade responded to 14 Sylvan Road to serve a criminal warrant on Brandon Hunter Settlemoir, 24, of Rome, for Battery FVA. Officer Newport made contact with Deborah Touchstone Sparks, 69, of Rome, who advised Brandon was inside. Officer Lanier reported, “While at the left side of the residence, Officer Newport advised over the radio “he’s going out the back”. [I] began to run toward the back of the residence where PFC. George was. As [I] rounded the corner of the house, [I] observed Pfc. George chasing Brandon, who was running toward a set of stairs that led back into the residence of 14 Sylvan Rd. At this time, PFC George and [I] yelled out “Stop” and “Don’t Move”. Brandon ran back into the residence, quickly shutting two doors behind him. Officer George reported, “Brandon ran inside the back door of the residence, not knowing if he was going to retrieve a weapon myself and PFC. Lanier followed him inside. While entering the residence, Deborah Sparks was standing in the way and would not move for anyone. Officers were able to grab Brandon, who tensed up and began resisting arrest. Brandon continued to pull his arms away and attempted to tuck them under his body. He then began to kick at officers, and he struck one officer in the process. Officer Lanier reported, “Deborah was yelling “ya’ll didn’t tell us what the warrant was even for”, “Stop, and I mean Stop Now! as well as “Let go of him”. Due to Deborah’s demeanor and agitated state, which was displayed as she was yelling at officers attempting to arrest Brandon, who was still actively trying to arrest Brandon, it was unknown of Deborah’s intentions or if she would attempt to harm officers while we were in a fight with her grandson Brandon in the floor of the kitchen. [I] had to take my attention away from the situation and place it on her, at which time she was advised to step back, or she would go to Jail as well. Deborah responded with hostility, saying, “I’ll understand you,” while rapidly pointing her finger in my face causing me to have to move my head in a backward motion to keep from being poked in the face. Due to Deborah’s actions, she was placed under arrest by applying handcuffs behind her back and double locked.” Officer was eventually able to get Brandon into custody as well. During the entire incident Brandon’s girlfriend and son was present. Officers also located meth on Brandon during a search. Brandon was booked into the Floyd County Jail and charged with aggravated battery, simple battery against a police officer, obstruction, felony obstruction of a police officer, possession of meth, and probation violation. Deborah was charged with simple assault and obstruction.