NWGA Scanner | March 21st, 2022

Rome men arrested after throwing meth out of car during brief chase in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on February 24th, 2022, at around 5:28 PM, Officer O’Bryan and Officer Dollar observed a white Ford F150 with no license plate displayed. Officer O’Bryan reported, “As we, PFC Dollar and myself, pulled out to the roadway, PFC Dollar activated the lights and audible siren to initiate a traffic stop. After everything was activated and we began to catch up to the suspect vehicle, the suspect vehicle began to accelerate and erratically turning onto a dead-end driveway that was unknown of who lived there to the driver or passenger of the suspect vehicle.” After stopping, the driver, identified as William Lonnie Kitchens, 38, of Rome, was placed under arrest due to Kitchens admitting that he did not have a driver’s license. Officer O’Bryan was writing the passenger, Christopher Conrad Brewster, 52, of Rome, a citation for no seat belt. Kitchens did admit several times to trying to run from FCPD officers. After leaving the scene, the homeowners at the residence on Alabama Highway called, advising they found some drugs in the driveway. Officer O’Bryan reported, “While on the way back to the residence, [I] read Kitchens his Miranda Warning to which he wanted to speak to us. Kitchens denied ownership of the drugs, nor did he tell us that the drugs belonged to Brewster. Before returning to Alabama highway, we went to 7748 Alabama highway to arrest Brewster. Brewster was located in the gas station at the slot machine. [I] arrested Brewster and escorted him to the front of the patrol vehicle to conduct my search. As [I] began to search Brewster, he advised that he had a “meth pipe in my pocket,” to which [I] recovered. [I] also recovered a small baggie of a white crystal-like substance that [I] suspected to be meth. [I] also found Brewster’s wallet on his person. Inside the wallet, [I] found approximately $1,400 in cash. In the bushes next to the driveway was a baggie of suspected meth that had been thrown out of the suspect vehicle. Both Kitchens and Brewster were transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked. Brewster was charged with possession of meth, possession of drug-related objects, abandonment of dangerous drugs, tampering with evidence, and a seat belt violation. Kitchen was charged with possession of meth, tampering with evidence, abandonment of dangerous drugs, attempting to elude police, driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, operation of an unregistered vehicle, and a seat belt violation.

L: William Lonnie Kitchens R: Christopher Conrad Brewster