NWGA Scanner | September 28th, 2022

Rome teen arrested for cruelty to animals after beating puppy for barking in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On September 20th, 2022, at 12:20 PM, PFC Walters responded to McHenry trailer park due to allegations of a dog being violently beaten with a stick. Animal control officers Gibson and Freeman stated the day prior they received a complaint about a dog being beaten repeatedly by the owner. The officer observed a cell phone video that showed the violent attack. According to the report, “The witness stated he had seen it happening almost every night. He stated he thought it was all because the dog was barking. He also advised that he thought the male who beat the dog was drunk. He also advised he was the one who drove the green Honda in the driveway and that he wore glasses. He also advised he had seen him beating the dog with a 2×4 and then throwing it down beside the dog house. In the video, you could clearly see a light-skinned male with dark hair holding what appeared to be a thick round piece of wood and then walking behind some vehicles. You can then see the male hold the wood above his head and swing it several times in the direction of the dog house. You could then hear what appeared to be a dog yelping for help.” Officer Walters observed a young male Shepard mix puppy on a short lead so short the dog was only able to get a few inches outside of the dog house. There was some trash scattered about and a few bags of old dog feces in the dog house. The officer then made contact with Rodrigo Valentin Chavez, 17, of Rome. Officer Walters reported, “[I] asked if he had been hitting it with a stick, and he stated no. [I] then told him it was on video, at which he stated, “Well, to you know, calm him down.” He then stated he did not strike the dog with the stick but with a bit of rope. He then stated he barked too much and that people around needed to sleep. Chavez then explained that the dog was barking at night, and everyone was trying to sleep, so he beat the dog to make him stop barking.” Chavez was then placed under arrest for cruelty to animals and transported to Floyd County Jail.