NWGA Scanner | August 11th, 2021

Rome teen found in possession of gun and drugs attempts to escape custody while handcuffed in Floyd County

According to the Floyd County Police Department incident report, on July 28th, 2021, 12:06 AM, Officer Forrister, along with other Officers, responded to the area of the 177 Rising Fawn trail at the Swan lake Mobile home trailer park in regards to a complaint of a male knocking on doors while drinking alcohol. Officer Forrister reported, “During the dispatch of the call, we were provided information about the male being named Darrien. [I] and other Officers were aware of a male in this area named Darrius Eugene Haywood, 18, of Rome, that had an active warrant for his arrest. The suspect on this warrant had also been involved in multiple incidents where a firearm had been discharged.” Officer Pelanek and Officer Doan had arrived first on scene and been directed to the area of Overlook point, and while in this area, they did have a male-run from behind some trailers, according to the report. Officer Forrister reported, “Shortly upon walking onto this trail [I] saw a black male in dark clothing laying on the left side of the trail attempting to conceal himself. This male did match the description [I] had been provided of Darrius Haywood. The male began to stand up when he realized [I] had seen him. At this time, because [I] knew that he had been known to carry a firearm [I] did unholster my weapon and, with it in a ready position, give Darrius a command to lay back down. Darrius was not listening to me and began to tell me not to come near him and took a bladed stance.” Darrius refused to listen to commands, so the officer switched from his firearm to his taser at this point. According to the report, Darrius was advised to get on the ground, or he would be tased. Darrius told the officer he was going to listen to, but then Darrius began to shift his body like he was going to run away. Officer Forrister reported, “[I] did approach Darius at this time and forced him to his stomach on the side of the trail. Darrius then began to lift himself up and move his hands like he was trying to crawl up the hill and away from me. [I] did tell him to put his hands behind his back or he would be tased. At this point, [I] had my upper body on Darius’s back, preventing him from escaping.” The officer was eventually able to get Darius into handcuffs. Once Darius was handed over to other officers on the scene, the officer went back to the arresting location to retrieve Darius’s phone and other items. Officer Forrister reported, “Once at the trail [I] did retrieve the dropped items and then heard over the radio that Darrius had taking off running while in handcuffs.” Shortly after, Officer Pelanek located him near Florida Point. Inside of this bag, Darrius had been carrying a Smith and Wesson handgun, and two magazines for the firearm with ammunition were located. There was also marijuana inside of a jar with pink tape around it. According to the report, “A digital scale and 60 dollars were also located on Darrius during this search due to incident of arrest. It was also noticed that the serial number to this firearm had been scratched over, and it did appear this was done in an attempt to conceal the identity of the firearm.” Darrius was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with reckless conduct, criminal use of an article with an altered identification mark, escape, felony obstruction, possession/distribution of marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of marijuana, discharging a firearm on the property of another, discharge of a firearm near a public street.