NWGA Scanner | February 14th, 2022

Rome teen found in possession of stolen gun after being stopped for running stop sign in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on January 27th, 2022, at 11:48 PM, Officer Stanfield was performing stationary patrol in the area of Park Avenue and Dragon Drive. Officer Stanfield reported, “[I] observed a small black passenger car approaching the red light at dragon drive with its left turn signal activated, but observed the vehicle make a right turn onto Dragon Drive. [I] then observed the vehicle not stop at the stop sign on Dragon Drive. Due to this and knowing that road is used by the public as a through street and connector street, [I] activated my emergency equipment to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle did stop on the lot of Pepperell High school.” The officer made contact with the driver Keson Lovingood, 19, of Rome, and was advised of the reason for the stop. Officer Chandler then advised that Lovingood was wanted in connection to a shooting that was reported earlier in the evening. According to the report, Due to this the officer asked Lovingood to exit the vehicle and asked if he had a firearm on him. Lovingood stated that he did not and did consent to a search. Officer Stanfield reported, “During the search of the vehicle [I] did locate a Ruger ECS9 9MM (SN: 457-4501) underneath the passenger side seat. Due to finding a firearm, [I] did instruct Officer Wade and Officer Bryant to detain Lovingood until [I] could find out more. The firearm’s serial number was given to 911 dispatch to check if the firearm had been stolen. 911 Dispatch did advise that the firearm was stolen.” Lovingood stated he didn’t know anything and was at his Aunt’s house all day long. Lovingood then stated he allowed someone to borrow his car earlier in the night but did not know who it was. Lovingood was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with theft by receiving stolen property felony.