NWGA Scanner | October 17th, 2022

Rome woman arrested after child and animals found living in horrible conditions in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On September 30th, 2022, at 2:23 PM, Investigator Walters responded to a residence on Morton Bend Road in reference to a DFCS case referral. Investigator Walters reported, “[I] was advised by Investigator Warner that the minor child had come to school with a noticeable odor of filth and had roaches in his clothing and bag. [I] was also advised that the home itself had a noticeable odor of urine and filth from the outside. [I] went to the property on September 28th, 2022, to perform a check on the property. When [I] arrived at the location, I observed two different dwellings on the lot. The first was a single-wide mobile home with a large pile of trash in the front yard. However, the only debris located near the home was in the large pile. There was also an open window where [I] was able to see inside. The inside of the home was free from any filth or trash, and there was no odor from the residence. Next, [I] went to the other residence on the property. It was a mobile home with a large covered porch and attached carport area. There was a great deal of debris and household trash in the yard and porch and under the carport. There was also a grey donkey tethered out in front of the home. The donkey was in good shape physically however had no access to water and was tangled in a bike that was lying in the yard.” The FCPD investigator reported that the odor coming from the house was sickening, even at a distance. The investigator observed an extreme amount of household trash, old rotten food and drinks, take-out containers, and ripped-open trash bags, along with a discolored mattress on the floor. According to the report, the investigator located a cat that looked very malnourished. Investigator Walters reported, “When [I] walked up to the cat, it was very friendly and rubbed against my hand to be petted. When I started to pet its head, it crawled up my arm and onto my chest, sitting on the top of my vest near my face. The cat’s hair was soft and appeared fairly clean. It did have fleas. However [I] immediately noticed how thin the cat was. The cat’s spine and vertebrae were very prominent. All its ribs were easily felt, and his hip and pelvic bones were very apparent. Its abdomen and waist also have tucked inside the ribcage. [I] placed the cat inside my truck for safe keeping until animal control was able to take custody of it.” Investigator Walters also learned that a code enforcement officer had already been in contact with the property with homeowner. He advised the investigator stated that the property had been cleaned a good bit in the months and did not know there was a minor child inside the home as he had not gone inside the property. Animal Control also advised that the homeowner and mother, Pamela Massey, 51, of Rome, had been cited for animal cruelty under county ordnance for five puppies. The report went on to say that when the officers entered the home the next day after obtaining a warrant, the smell of feces and urine took their breath away. The FCPD investigator reported that ammonia stung her eyes and lungs. FCPD investigator reported in graphic detail the animal urine, feces, deceased animals, trash on the floor, and dead rats in the freezer. She also reported the home also had an extreme roach infestation. Massey was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and contributing to the deprivation of a child, which resulted in serious injury.