NWGA Scanner | October 15th, 2021

Rome woman arrested after urinating in neighbors yard during fight in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on October 2nd, 2021, at around 1:41 AM, Sgt Ward was dispatched to 690 Warren Road in reference to a fight call. According to the report, the officer arrived and spoke with the complainant, who was standing outside. Sgt Ward reported, “When asked about the incident, she proceeded to tell me about the ongoing issues with the neighbors and their dogs. When asked about tonight, she said that they called 911 earlier due to 5-6 juvenile females outside, sitting in the road. She was concerned because cars speed up and down the road all the time. She said officers came out there and spoke to the kids and the mother. The mother said she was out there with them the whole time, but that was a lie.” According to the report, After the officer left, she said the woman was on the phone and was loud and cussing, saying her b***h a** neighbor needs to mind her own business and all this. She called her a b***h several times and was loud enough so she could hear it. According to the report, The complainant said she finally walked to the side of the house and told the neighbor that if she had something to say to her, then she needed to say it to her face. At that time, there was a verbal exchange between the two of them. During the verbal altercation, It got brought up about the dog “p***ing and sh***ing” in her yard. The woman identified as Kristen Nicole Adams, 36, of Rome, said, “you’re not going to do anything about my dog p***ing in your yard, what are you going to do about me p***ing in your yard.” According to the report, At that time, Adams walked in her yard, pulled her shorts down, squats, and pees in her yard. The complainant said when this happened, she walked up and “drop-kicked the b***h” and started throwing jabs. The complainant said Adams swung at her a couple of times but didn’t connect because she was beating her a** for coming into her property and pissing. According to the report, The complainant said what upset her the most was that Adams acted this way and did this in front of all the kids. Adams daughter then began making threats to the complainant. They all left after she stated she was calling the police. Sgt. Ward reported, “She said the b***h needs to go to jail, and if something didn’t happen, then there would be bigger problems. When asked what happened, Adams said, “I’m white”, and started talking about the neighbor being racist and saying stuff to her all the time, and she doesn’t even know her.” According to the report, Adams later stated she walked onto her property and peed in the yard. While she was squatted down, the “b***h kicked her in the jaw” and started swinging on her. Adams was placed under arrest and transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with criminal trespass.