NWGA Scanner | January 6th, 2022

Rome woman arrested for DUI after being found passed out drunk behind the wheel in the middle of GA-53

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on December 28th, 2021, at around 2:49 AM, Sgt. Holbrook responded to GA-53 approximately 150 yards south of GA-140 in reference to a suspicious vehicle sitting in the roadway. Sgt. Holbrook reported It was advised there was a female in the driver’s seat passed out. Upon arrival, [I] found the vehicle to be sitting at this location in the outside lane with the lights off and not running. The vehicle was barely visible but was partially illuminated by the complainant’s vehicle, who had stayed there until law enforcement arrived in order to keep anyone from striking the vehicle. The complainant advised me that he had knocked on the car window, and the female did open her eyes and give him the “peace” sign and then went back to sleep. [I] went to the door and observed the suspect asleep in the driver’s seat. [I] also observed an open container of Bud Light in the center drink holder. There was also an open case of beer on the passenger floorboard. [I] knocked on the window to wake up the suspect, but she would not wake up. [I] pounded very hard to get her attention, and she would look at me but was not alert enough or able to unlock the door. [I] continually beat on the window for approximately 2 minutes trying to get her alert enough to unlock the door and had to tell her twice that [I] was about to have to break her window. She was eventually able to open the door, and [I] had her step out of the vehicle and moved behind her car. [I] asked how much she had to drink because [I] could smell the odor of alcoholic beverages. [I] did check her on the handheld Alco-Sensor for the presence of alcohol, and she did test positive.” During standardized field sobriety tests, the woman identified as Kahtevia Paige Stamper, 27, of Rome, showed several clues of alcohol impairment. Sgt. Holbrook reported, “It was determined Stamper was under the influence and unable to drive. She was read Georgia Implied Consent, and she agreed to a blood test. When [I] placed her in the car, she asked how fast she was going, which made no sense because she was parked. Also, on the way to the hospital, she stated she was just trying to make it back to Cedartown. [I] advised her she was going in the opposite direction and was close to Calhoun and not Cedartown. Stamper was charged with DUI driving under the influence of alcohol, stopping in the middle of the roadway, and open container violation.