NWGA Scanner | August 12th, 2022

Rome woman arrested for DUI after driving reckless at 93 mph on GA-20 in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on August 5th, 2022, at 8:06 AM, Officer Stanfield was performing stationary patrol while utilizing the Stalker LIDAR unit when he observed a Chevrolet Trax traveling West on Georgia 20 approaching Biddy Road at 93 mph. The vehicle drove past Nichols Road and continued West before stopping just East of Norton Road. Officer Stanfield reported, “As soon as [I] got to the side of the door, [I] detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. [I] introduced myself and explained to the driver the reason for the stop.” The driver, identified as Erika Tameka Dublin, 41, of Rome, stated that she did not know she was going so fast, but it was due to trying to get her dog to the veterinarian’s clinic due to an injury that occurred the night prior. Officer Stanfield reported, “[I] retrieved Dublin’s license and went back to my car to begin writing her a citation for the speed. During this time, Dublin did exit her vehicle to check on her dog. Once the citation was completed, [I] did re-approach the vehicle and again made contact with Dublin. At this time, [I] did advise Dublin that [I] did detect the odor of marijuana and asked if there was any in the vehicle. Dublin stated no but continued by stating that she had smoked at approximately 6:00 AM before driving. Due to Dublin stating that she smoked marijuana and not drinking, [I] did not perform horizontal gaze nystagmus as that test is not one that is present with the consumption of marijuana.” During field sobriety testing, Dublin showed several signs of marijuana impairment.” Dublin was then under arrest for DUI Drugs, and . Handcuffs were checked for fit and double locked per policy. I did read Dublin implied consent for over 21 years of age, to which she agreed to blood and refused the state test. Officer Carrington did locate a small bag of suspected marijuana in the purse and a marijuana cigarette that was still warm to the touch in the ashtray. Dublin was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with possession of marijuana, DUI drugs, reckless driving, and speeding.