NWGA Scanner | March 22nd, 2022

Rome woman arrested on DUI and drug charges after crash on Pleasant Valley Road in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on March 7th, 2022, 11:14 PM, Officer O’Bryan was dispatched to a vehicle crash in the 4100 Block of Pleasant Valley Road. The driver was identified as is Madison Clare Brown, 20 of Rome, and the passenger as Alyssa Martens, 20. Officer O’Bryan reported, “While talking to Brown, [I] noticed she had slurred speech, and Brown stated she had taken a Xanax, that she is prescribed, a few hours before driving. Brown also stated that there was standing water on the road and that Brown’s tires were bald. Brown also stated that she was driving on Wax Road, even though she was driving on Pleasant Valley Road. [I] never observed standing water on my way to the scene and Brown’s tires appeared to be fairly new with minimal wear. [I] also spoke to Martens. She stated that Brown had been distracted by her phone and would run off the road slightly a few times. [I] also asked Martens if Brown had any alcohol or drugs, to which Martens denied seeing Brown take anything. While talking with Martens, Martens friends came to pick her up. One of the friends stated that Brown was slurring her speech without me asking her. After collecting Martens information, [I] walked back to where Brown’s car had wrecked, and that’s when [I] observed Officer Overstreet performing Standardize Field Sobriety Test.” Brown was then placed under arrest due to her impairment. While on the way to the hospital, Brown asked the same questions several times as if she had not already asked the same question. One of the questions Brown asked was if she would be “strip searched” at the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, Officer Overstreet searched the back seat. According to the report, Officer Overstreet located three white pills that Brown had tried to conceal in the back seat. Brown was transported to Floyd County Jail where she was booked and charged with DUI driving under the influence of drugs, drugs not in original container, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance x3, too fast for conditions (basic rules), and failure to maintain lane.