NWGA Scanner | April 23rd, 2021

Rome woman charged with DUI after 911 call from concerned citizen regarding vehicle driving erratic

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Saturday, April 17th, 2021, at around 10:50 PM, Sgt. Wade was advised by E-911 of a BOLO vehicle that was unable to maintain its lane of travel and was now sitting in the parking lot of the Race Trac convenient store. E-911 advised the vehicle was a black Jeep Wrangler. The officer located the black Jeep Wrangler sitting in front of the Race Trac still running and did not appear to be anybody inside of the vehicle. A short time later, the officer observed a female later identified as Anna Francis Black, 23, of Rome, exit the store get into the driver’s seat along with a male who got into the passenger seat. Officer Wade reported, “[I] observed the vehicle to turn right onto GA 1 heading north, as the vehicle turned right onto GA 1 [I] observed the vehicle to make a wide right turn crossing into the inside lane of travel and then back into the outside lane of travel failing to maintain their lane of travel.” While following the vehicle, the officer noticed Anna’s speed was fluctuating. The officer also noticed that Anna would travel along the fog line with the speed of the vehicle continuing to fluctuate below the posted speed limit. Officer Wade reported, “It should be noted that through my training, knowledge, and experience that vehicle’s that have a manner of driving such as this vehicle being the wide right turn, inability to maintain a steady speed as well as driving below the posted speed limit can be indicators of someone operating a motor vehicle while impaired.” The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the area of GA 1 and Bent Oak Trail. The officer made contact with Anna explaining the reason for the stop. The officer asked Anna where she was coming from, to which she stated that she was coming from the Dark Side of the Moon. Anna stated that she had consumed two Vodka and cranberry drinks. During field, sobriety testing Anna several clues of impairment. Anna also displayed a BAC of .092 on an Alco-Sensor. Anna was placed under arrest for DUI. Anna agreed to the state’s breath test and was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to maintain lane.