NWGA Scanner | December 23rd, 2021

Rome woman damages patrol vehicle and threatens officer during belligerent DUI arrest in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on December 10th, 2021, at around 4:51 PM, Officer Nelson responded to the area of New Hermitage Road at East Hermitage Road for a crash involving a possible drunk driver. Officer Nelson reported, “When [I] arrived on scene [I] spotted a female walking through the yard of a residence on the corner of New Hermitage Road and East Hermitage Road. [I] observed the female walking back toward the vehicle with a dog on a leash, and she stated, “My dog is not friendly. Go away”. The officer asked the female why she was bleeding, to which she advised that she had hit the tail light of the car and cut her hand. The female, later identified as Holly Annette Dills, 34, of Rome, stated that she had “Ran out of gas.” leading the officer to believe that she was the driver of the vehicle. Officer Nelson reported, “[I] also observed damage to the front bumper and that the vehicle had two flat tires. [I] then detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the female breath, and the smell would become more prominent when she began to speak and dissipate when she was not speaking.” The officer asked Holly some questions about what had happened. Holly stated “Because I’m going to break his (husband) f***ing neck if I don’t get no God **** gas” Holly then stated further that she would “Break every one of your f***ing necks.” Holly then turned away from the officer and said, “I’m done, that’s all you need to know.” Holly then attempted to get back into the vehicle and was stopped by the officer. After refusing commands, the officer attempted to place her under arrest. After a brief struggle with Holly, she was handcuffed. Officer Nelson reported, “[I] then placed the female into the rear of my patrol vehicle, as [I] shut the door [I] observed the female attempt to kick the door of the car. [I] was able to get the door shut and secured to prevent the female’s escape. The female began to hit her head against the window, which [I] ordered her to stop, [I] then observed my backup officer PFC. Sangphim arrives on the scene. The female continued to hit her head on the window and PFC. Sangphim attempted to open the door to stop her from doing so. The female seemed to show her teeth and lunge at PFC. Sangphim.” Her husband explained to officers that she had been drinking. He stated his wife had drunk about 3 to 4 shots of tequila that he knew of, and he said she then took off in their car before crashing up the roadway. Holly then began hitting her head on the windows of the patrol car again and was informed that if she damaged the vehicle that she would be committing felony Interference with government property, but she continued. Holly was then read implied consent to which she agreed. Officers located a Flashpoint Whiskey container lying on the back seat of the car. Holly was transported to Floyd Medical Center. While being transported, she became very belligerent and began to kick the back windows of the patrol vehicle. Holly then damaged the passenger side back window on Floyd County Police Department Unit 98, knocking the window off the guiding rails and causing the window to not function. Officer Nelson advised Sgt. Wade that Holly had possibly busted her forehead open while hitting her head against his divider. Holly was later booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with DUI, felony interference with government property, obstruction, and terroristic threats and acts.