NWGA Scanner | July 31st, 2022

Rome woman violently assaults girl and Floyd County officer at the carnival on Shorter Avenue

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On July 15th, 2022, at 10:20 PM, Officer Walters and Officer McCormick were working a security detail at the carnival located at 2535 Shorter Avenue. Officer McCormick reported, “While sitting down in the Patrol vehicle for a moment to cool down from walking [I] observed a large group form in the parking lot about 50 yards from My patrol vehicle. [I] then observed a light skinned female with dark hair punch a black female prior to grabbing her by the hair. [I] then told PFC. Walters that a fight had broken out and we both ran up to separate the two females. While doing so [I] observed the light skinned female had the black females hair and was attempting to yank her to the ground by it. [I] pulled her hair free from the light skinned female upon doing so the light skinned female looked up at me then violently struck me in the face twice with a closed fist. The black female was turned away from me and slung herĀ arm back still thinking she was being attacked and accidentally struck me in my nose.” The officer then learned that the victim was only 14-years-old. She informed officers that she had accidentally stepped on the other females shoe and had apologized to her but the female assaulted her. Officer Walters identified the other woman as Lucero Aguinaga Cortez, 25, of Rome. Lucero stated that it started when the juvenile stepped on her shoe while getting off a ride. She informed officers that she was just defending herself and that is why she assaulted the juvenile. EMS was contacted for the juvenile due to her appearing to have almost lost consciousness. Lucero was booked into the Floyd County Jail charged with 1st-degree cruelty to children, felony obstruction, simple battery against a police officer, and disorderly conduct.