NWGA Scanner | October 4th, 2022

Rossville couple arrested on DUI and obstruction charges after domestic call in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On September 18th, 2022 at 12:31 AM, Lt. Cunningham responded to an address on East Pine Street in reference to a domestic dispute. According to the report, “The caller was from stated two subjects identified as Sydney Burton, 23, of Rossville, and Robert Carpenter, 22, of Rossville, were yelling and cursing very loudly and spinning the tires on the truck. The caller also stated they were throwing glass at each other.” The caller showed Lt. Cunningham where the domestic was taking place at. Lt. Cunningham observed a white Ford pickup in the driveway running. When Lt. Cunningham exited the vehicle, the truck shut off. According to the report, Lt. Cunningham could smell burnt rubber in the air which is consistent with what the complainant stated about the offenders spinning the tires on the truck. Lt. Cunningham shined his flashlight in the back window to attempt to see the occupant but was unable to due to the extreme window tint. As Lt. Cunningham was walking up the driveway, the drivers door opened to the pick up and Mr. Carpenter exited the drivers side of the vehicle.” Carpenter ignored the commands from Lt. Cunningham and started walking away from Lt. Cunningham. Lt. Cunningham reported he could detect a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Carpenter. Lt. Cunningham detained Carpenter due to him not complying with any orders and to keep him from either fleeing on foot or gaining access to the residence. Carpenter’s face was injured and bleeding. Carpenter’s eyes was observed to be watery and blood shot. Lt. Cunningham knocked on the door and Burton exited the residence. Burton was immediately extremely irate due to Carpenter being in handcuffs. Burton was screaming and cursing very loudly at Lt. Cunningham. Carpenter stated nothing had happened and that they both just had a disagreement. Deputy Cheramie reported, “As we tried to ask what happened tonight, both subjects kept yelling and cussing over the Deputies.” Lt. Cunningham did observe a recently broken window on the residence next to where the truck was parked. According to the report, “While Lt. Cunningham was speaking to Mr. Carpenter, Ms. Burton walked up and started screaming belligerently and cursing again.”  While Lt. Cunningham was across the street talking with caller, both subjects kept screaming and cussing, causing a disturbance in the neighborhood and would not listen to anything Deputy Cheramie advised. The caller showed Lt. Cunningham video from moments earlier showing Carpenter speeding down through the neighborhood. Carpenter was then placed under arrest for DUI. According to the report, “Lt. Cunningham was attempting to search Mr. Carpenter when Ms. Burton walked up again and started screaming and cursing very loudly in his face. Lt. Cunningham kept having to take his attention away from Mr. Carpenter to deal with Ms. Burton. Lt. Cunningham gave Ms. Burton numerous orders to go in the residence or she would be arrested for obstruction. Ms. Burton was screaming curse words and then stated she was going to fight deputies.” Burton was screaming loud enough all the neighbors were outside watching and were able to make out what she was saying. Lt. Cunningham decided to place Burton under arrest but she took off running on foot. Burton attempted to go in the residence and shut the door on deputies. Lt. Cunningham was able to keep the door from shooting and grabbing her. After a struggle with Burton deputes were able to place her under arrest. Carpenter refused implied consent and was booked into the Catoosa County Jail. Burton was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. According to the report, Burton was extremely irate and belligerent the entire time while being booked.