NWGA Scanner | May 24th, 2022

Rossville man arrested in Walker County after being found driving motorcycle stolen out of Tennessee

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, while Deputy Fouts was on a call at Wilson Road and Hickory Lane, he observed a man later identified as Anthony Ray Youngblood, 43, of Rossville, riding a motorcycle on Hickory Lanen. Deputy Fouts reported, “[I] observed the rider to not be wearing a shirt or a helmet. Youngblood then flipped around, and [I] observed no tag on the motorcycle. [I] went back in service from the call and attempted to locate the bike. [I] found Youngblood riding back towards Hickory Lane on Woody Lane. [I] activated my blue lights, and the suspect stopped, jumped off the bike, and began quickly pushing it off the roadway towards his residence.” Youngblood stated to the deputy that he did not have a valid license and there was no insurance on the motorcycle and began pleading for forgiveness. Walker 911 advised that his license was revoked through Georgia dating back to 2003, with the most recent being in 2021. Youngblood was then placed under arrest. Deputy Bethune then had Walker 911 run the VIN through NCIC. According to the report, “The VIN returned that the motorcycle was stolen out of Tennessee. Walker 911 then confirmed that with the reporting agency.” When asked about the motorcycle, Youngblood said a guy sold him the bike for $500 and that it was not stolen. According to the report, “After closer observation of the motorcycle, the ignition was not in the bike, and the reddish-black paint was still fresh and sticky to the touch.” Youngblood was transported to the Walker County Jail and charged with felony theft by bringing stolen property into another state, driving on a revoked license, no helmet, and driving with no insurance.