NWGA Scanner | September 6th, 2021

Rossville man charged with DUI after striking mailbox and leaving the scene in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on August 22nd, 2021, at 10:37 PM, Deputy Kirby responded to the Mapco located at 2055 McFarland Avenue in reference to a possible intoxicated driver with damage to his vehicle in the parking lot. The deputy arrived and observed the male suspect, later identified as Jeremiah Allen Parker, 27, of Rossville, matching the description the concerned citizen gave Walker County 911. According to the report, Jeremiah was standing by a black Kia Optima with the driver’s door open and was waving his arms trying to flag the deputy down. Deputy Kirby reported, “[I] got out with the suspect and asked him what was wrong, and he stated, “Someone slashed my tire, and it just blew.” Jeremiah stated a house beside the Kwik E Mart on Mission Ridge Road. [I] observed the vehicle, which had damage to the passenger side starting at the headlight and ending at the taillight. Along with this damage, [I] observed the passenger side mirror to be turned in and blue paint transfer on the mirror and passenger door. [I] asked Jeremiah about the damage, and he stated he hit the fence at his house weeks ago. [I] could tell the damage to the vehicle had recently occurred due to the disturbance of the dust on the vehicle where the damage was. [I] asked Jeremiah about the blue paint, and he stated, “Well, that might’ve happened up the road about two minutes ago.” Jeremiah then began to apologize and stated that his tire had actually popped when he hit something, but he didn’t know what he had hit. Deputy haven located a blue mailbox down the road that had been knocked down, matching the shade of blue on the vehicle and a tire mark While speaking with Jeremiah, the deputy reported she could smell an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person. The deputy also observed an open “Bud light” in the cup holder of the center console in plain view from outside of the vehicle where he had left his door open. According to the report, Jeremiah stated, “I’ve had four beers, but I just bought that and opened it.” Jeremiah was asked if he felt safe to drive due to his drinking, and he stated, “I think so, yes.” During field sobriety tests, Jeremiah showed several signs of impairment and was placed under arrest for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the report, “while placing Jeremiah in handcuffs behind his back, Jeremiah stated, “I’m going to prison, this is my third DUI”. Jeremiah agreed to implied consent for blood. Jeremiah was transported to the Walker County Jail, charged with DUI driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to maintain a single lane, hit and run, and open container violation.