NWGA Scanner | March 15th, 2022

Rossville pair arrested on felony shoplifting charge after being caught “skip-scanning” at Dalton Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on March 2nd, 2022, at 8:32 PM, Officer Womack and Thornton responded to the Walmart located at 815 Shugart Road in reference to two individuals shoplifting. According to the report, “The loss prevention associate who was in his office informed officers that there was a male and female together currently “Skip-scanning” items at a self-checkout registry. The associate showed video footage of the male scanning one pair of jeans while having a second pair of jeans folded within the first pair. The video shows the male placing both pairs of jeans in a plastic grocery bag without scanning the second pair of jeans. There is also a video of the female scanning a notebook in her hands while a second book rests on top of the first notebook. She, like the male, places both items in a grocery bag while having only scanned one item. According to the report, The associate then shows video footage of the male walking around the clothing section of the store with a sound system stereo in a shopping cart. The video shows the male cut open the box with something on his person. The video was zoomed in, and officers could see the open sound system box in the cart. The male placed a white box inside the sound system box before closing it back up and replacing the tape. Officer Womack and Thornton, along with the loss prevention associate, apprehended the pair and took them to the office. Once inside the office, officers located galaxy headphones box hidden inside the sound system box. The male was identified as Justin Conner, 35, of Rossville, and the female was identified as Carlynn Mills, 34, of Rossville. Officer Thornton reported, “[I] then asked them why they were “Skip-scanning” items. Justin stated that he was being stupid. He stated that he should not be doing it because he has plenty of money to pay for the items. He stated that he did not know why he did it but that Carlynn had nothing to do with it.” According to the report, Justin admitted to everything and took the blame. Carlynn stated she must have forgotten to scan the items. The total amount of the items “Skip-scanned” was $535.72. Both Justin and Carlynn were trespassed from all Walmart properties and transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with felony shoplifting.