NWGA Scanner | July 16th, 2022

Rossville parents arrested in Walker County on child cruelty charges

According to a Rossville Police Department incident report, On July, July 10th, 2022, at 3:32 PM, Officers were dispatched to 601 Chickamauga Avenue, apartment number 9, in reference to a domestic disturbance. According to the report, officers spoke to the complainant, identified as Thomas Fredrick Smith, 37, of Rossville. According to the report, “Essentially, Thomas explained that he was trying to track down Kerrie Loretta Watts, 33, of Rossville. She was missing. Furthermore, she was the mother of his children. They are not married, but Kerrie had recently left Thomas. She was reportedly staying with an unidentified male in apartment 9. Contact was made with Kerrie. She said that she wanted Thomas and her kids to leave. She had left him because he was allegedly very abusive towards her. He had been knocking on random doors in the apartment complex to find her. There was insufficient probable cause for any further action at that time.” Officer advised Thomas to vacate the property and not return. Shortly after, Kerrie called 911, advising Thomas had returned. Officer Galyon reported, “While en route to the scene, [I] passed Thomas leaving in a red van. [I] pulled him over in the parking lot of Food City on Chickamauga Avenue. Thomas was apologetic and said that he figured Kerrie would call the police. He explained that he could not care for their two children anymore, so he had dropped them off across the street from the apartment and told them to go knock on Kerrie’s door.” Both Kerrie and Thomas have two children together, ages 6 and 12. Another Rossville officer immediately went and checked the kids and found them sitting in the hallway with no supervision. According to the report, “The apartments at 601 Chickamauga Avenue are well known for housing sexual offenders, drug users, and other criminals. According to the officer on the scene, Kerrie would not allow her children inside the apartment. She stated that they could not stay there and she did not want them.” Officer Galyon reported, “An ambulance was called for the 6-year-old who had a limp from reportedly crashing a bicycle two weeks prior. He had two severe wounds on his ankle that appeared to be in the early onset of infection. The paramedic also explained that the small child might have a broken ankle as well.” Both kids explained that they lived inside a van with Thomas. The kids said that Thomas and Kerrie fight very often, and they had become accustomed to it. Thomas was placed under arrest for cruelty to children in the first degree and booked into the Walker County Jail. Both kids were turned over to DFACS for placement. Kerrie was also arrested for cruelty to children in the first degree and booed into the Walker County Jail.