NWGA Scanner | August 16th, 2022

Seven arrested after alcohol-fueled Quinceañera turns into brawl with Rome and Floyd County police

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, On Sunday, July 17th, 2022, at approximately 12:13 AM, Officer Cipriano, Sgt. Hutchins, Officer Young, Sgt. Burnes, Sgt. Rast, Officer Jolly, Officer Gibbs, and Floyd County Officers responded to the Rome Civic Center located at 400 Civic Center Drive to assist Officer Ballard. Officer Ballard reported, “The detail was a Mexican Quinceañera, and [I] was outnumbered for the size of the party and the amount of alcohol being consumed at this party. [I] was up near the entrance to the kitchen area when [I] observed a male, later identified as Antonio Navarro, 33, walk in behind the shrubs and attempt to urinate on the wall. [I] took hold of Mr. Navarro’s left arm and asked what he was doing. Mr. Navarro had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person. [I] attempted to place Mr. Navarro under arrest he immediately began to resist. [I] had several drunk males and females attempt to approach me to free Mr. Navarro. At one point, [I] was surrounded by several at one point, and [I] called for assistance and needed the responding officers to run lights and sirens due to being out of number. Officer arrived on the scene and observed several male subjects who were intoxicated, belligerent, and refusing to leave. According to the report, “All subjects were given ample time to vacate the property as instructed, and when they refused, officers began taking the subjects refusing to leave into custody.” As officers were attempting to arrest the intoxicated males, other males began attempting to obstruct the arresting officers. Sgt Ryan Hutchins reported, “[I] then observed Sgt Rast attempting to arrest a subject that was being disorderly and other subjects began to obstruct his ability to arrest the subject by actively grabbing and wrestling with him. At that time, due to the subject that Sgt Rast was attempting to arrest was actively fighting him and the other two subjects were attacking him from behind, [I] peppered sprayed all three of them.” When Floyd County police officers arrived on the scene to assist, the large crowd continued to defy officers and offer them violence. Officers continued to have to use force with the drunk hostile suspects. Officer Cipriano reported, “Sgt Rast took the male subject to the ground so he could gain control of him and place him in handcuffs, and while Sgt Rast was handcuffing the male subject, [I] observed a male, later identified as Mr. Cornejo, come running up and grad Sgt Rast with both hands attempting to pull him off of the subject he was taking into custody. At that time, [I] unholstered by a taser, aimed my taser at Mr. Cornejo’s back, and deployed my taser. The taser deployment was successful, and Mr. Cornejo let go of Sgt. Rast and fell onto his stomach.” Officer Ballard was fighting with Marcial Reyes, 45, of Rome, who also had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. During the struggle, Reyes was drive stun him in the back so officers could gain compliance. After several minutes of officers from the Rome and Floyd County Police Department fighting with the large crowd, they were able to restore order. The Rome Police transport van was brought to the Civic Center and transported everyone arrested to the Floyd County Jail. Officers were advised the next day that some of the men gave them false names and information. Antonio Navarro, 33, was charged with felony obstruction, public drunk, and disorderly conduct. Serapia Cornejo, 48, of Rome, was charged with public drunk and felony obstruction. Eduardo Cornejo-Fonseca, 19, of Rome, was charged with disorderly conduct and felony obstruction. Marcial Reyes, 45, of Rome, was charged with felony obstruction, public drunk and disorderly conduct. Mario Segura Rodriguez, 45, of Rome, obstruction, public drunk, and disorderly conduct. Jonathan Fronceca Cornejo, 26, of Rome, was charged with obstruction. Jose Antonio Cornejo, 27, of Rome, was charged with obstruction.