NWGA Scanner | December 29th, 2021

Seven arrested in the early morning hours after loitering at closed factory in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on December 19th, 2021, at around 1:58 AM, Officer Hughes responded to the area of Morris Street and Third Avenue in reference to a noise disturbance. The officer was advised by the 911 center the caller stated there were people yelling and loud music. The caller further stated it was possibly a party. The officer arrived in the area and didn’t notice any signs of a party. Officer Hughes reported, “As [I] began checking the area of Third Avenue [I] observed a vehicle parked in the parking lot of a closed factory. There were people standing outside of the vehicle and sitting inside of the vehicle. When [I] pulled into the parking lot behind the vehicle, a black male subject that was standing in front of the vehicle walked quickly to the northeast corner of the building. [I] observed the male bend over. The male appeared to be laying something down that he did not want to have in his possession during a police encounter.” Officer Herrera was with the officer and assisted with speaking with all the males. The officer asked the male that had walked to the end of the building what did he had put beside the building? The male would not answer him and later advised it was just a marijuana blunt after the officer advised he could smell marijuana. The officer advised that it wouldn’t be a big deal and advised the male of their current policy for handling less than 1 ounce of marijuana possession. According to the report, When asked for his name, the male, later identified as Chance Tumlin, 21, of Cave Spring, gave a false name and date of birth to the officer. Officer Herrera advised there was a loaded gun lying beside the building where Tumlin had set something down. According to the report, Tumlin was handcuffed and found to have an empty holster for a gun in his waist area. While searching the owner of the vehicle Nasir Uneek Love-Porter, 21, of Dalton, an officer located a small frame 380 caliber pistol in his pocket. He advised officers he had a concealed carry permit but did not have it with him. According to the report, “Additional officers arrived at the location to assist with checking the other subjects for weapons as well as inventorying the vehicle. Mr. Love-Porter’s vehicle was inventoried due to it being towed based on Love-Porter being arrested and the vehicle has no insurance and suspended registration.” During the inventory, a firearm belonging to Tristian Blackwell, 21, of Dalton, was located. A small amount of marijuana was also located. All of the subjects advised officers that they were leaving a party when encountered by police. Officer Hughes reported, “Sgt. Corso walked to the location to see if there was anyone there or any sign of a party. Sgt. Corso advised it did not appear that anything had been going on at the location. Based on the time of night, the location the subjects were located, the fact they did not appear to be leaving the area when [I] observed them, and the lack of being able to verify an event had been taking place in the area the subjects had been, all subjects (Tayveon King, 17, of Forest Park, GA, Da’shaun Massey, 21, of Dalton, Timothy Beeman, 21, of Cedartown, and Ashton Blackwell, 21, of Tunnel Hill.) that were present were arrested for loitering and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Love-Porter was additionally charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Tumlin was additionally charged with carrying a concealed weapon and providing a false name and date of birth. One of the men was arrested back in October on felony drug charges when Whitfield County deputies busted a house on East Hagen Street.