NWGA Scanner | October 3rd, 2022

Silver Creek woman speeding arrested after fleeing Floyd County officer with 2-year-old son

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 23rd, 2022, at 8:26 PM, Officer Puckett was performing stationary patrol on Park Avenue near Cemetery Road, running stationary speed detection using LIDAR. The section of the road is a posted 35mph zone. Officer Puckett attempted to stop a Ford Fusion going 49 mph. Officer Puckett reported, “After awaiting the passing of a northbound vehicle, [I] activated my emergency equipment (lights and siren) and began to travel south on Park Ave in an effort to catch up to the vehicle and initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. While traveling south, [I] topped the hill just north of Landers Dr. [I] was no longer able to see the tail lights of the Ford on Park Avenue in front of me, which is a long straight section of road. As [I] traveled through the intersection of Park Ave and Landers Drive [I] observed the tail lights of the Ford traveling on Landers Drive near its intersection with Davis Street. [I] was unable to safely make the turn onto Landers Dr. [I] radioed to PFC Forrister where [I] last saw the vehicle and continued south on Park Ave toward its intersection with Booze Mountain Rd. [I] turned right onto Booze Mountain Rd and again turned right onto Davis Street in an effort to “get ahead” of the Ford. [I] did not see the Ford on Davis Street. [I] continued north on Davis Street toward its intersection with Landers Dr. I turned left onto Landers Dr, toward the back entrance of Pepperell High School, in an effort to locate the Ford in the last direction I observed it traveling. While negotiating a curve just south of the school entrance, the white Ford Fusion passed my patrol vehicle. The Ford was again traveling south, away from the entrance to the school. My emergency equipment was still activated at this time, and we were the only two vehicles on this roadway. [I] was able to find a widened area just ahead of where [I] passed by the vehicle and was able to perform a “U-turn” behind the vehicle. I began traveling on Landers Dr toward its intersection with Davis St, again, attempting to perform a traffic stop on the Ford.” After turning down several roads, the officer was able to catch up to the Ford Fusion and advised dispatch that he was now in pursuit of the vehicle. Officer Puckett observed the Ford make a quick right turn onto Strawberry Lane. When the officer turned onto Strawberry Lane he no longer saw the vehicle. The officer located the vehicle stopped at the end of the driveway for 302 Strawberry Lane. The driver, later identified as Jasmine Taylor Biles, 26, of Silver Creek, had parked the vehicle and turned off the vehicle’s lights. While being detained, Jasmine advised the officer that her 2-year-old son was inside the vehicle. The officer allowed her to call her mom to come to get her son. Jasmine advised the officer that she was not trying to run. Officer Puckett reported, “Jasmine told me that she turned because her GPS told her to do so. Jasmine told me that she was not familiar with the area and that she was trying to get her son to his father in Cedartown. Jasmine told me that she did not think [I] was attempting to stop her. Jasmine said she pulled into the driveway so that she could look at her GPS. Jasmine told me that she did not know the residents. [I] asked Jasmine why she has deactivated her vehicle’s lights. Jasmine told me that her vehicle has automatic headlights and that the lights turn off automatically when she puts the vehicle in park. After further inspection of the vehicle, PFC Forrister noted that the headlight switch inside of the vehicle was turned to the “off” position and was not in “auto” mode.” Jasmine was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with speeding and fleeing police.