NWGA Scanner | June 16th, 2022

Summerville woman arrested after stealing gas and shoplifting from Walmart in Chattooga County

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On May 30th, 2022, Investigator Flood was contacted regarding a gas drive-off at Murphy’s USA convenience store located at 13425 Hwy 27. According to the report, The general manager advised a dark in color Dodge Ram truck had done a gas drive-off several times over the past few weeks. She advised she had video of at least five incidents where a female in a Dodge truck pulled up to the outside pumps. The female turns the pumps on and proceeds to pump her gas. When she gets done, she jumps back into her truck and drives off at a high rate of speed. She said that every time she did this, she made sure the store was very busy, and the employees were unable to watch and make sure she came in. Video from the convenience store showed the registration plate as TAD7864. Investigator Flood reported, “[I] ran that plate through GCIC, and it returned to a 1999 Dodge Ram pickup registered to an Ashley Victoria Wade, 32, of Summerville. [I] asked E911 to run Wade’s licenses through GCIC and send her DMV picture. Comparing the DMV picture and the video still shot, [I] could clearly see it was indeed the same person. The driver in the gas drive-off was Ms. Ashley Wade. According to the report, the CCTV video system showed Wade pump $66.01 on April 19th, at 7:48 PM, $40.01 on April 29th, at 3:09 PM, $60.00 on May 1st, at 9:16 PM, $50.06 on May 9th, 2022 at 3:44 PM, and $50.01 on May 13th, 2022, at 7:38 PM, each time she sped off without paying. According to the report, “The manager advised the computer system shows her every day when an event has occurred. The system knows when fuel has been pumped and knows if it was paid for either in the store or at the pump. When She looked back at the logged events, she discovered the same person driving the same vehicle every time they stole gas.

According to a separate Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on June 3rd, 2022, Investigator Flood met with Walmart Asset Protection Associate in his office concerning a shoplifting incident. According to the report, The associate explains how over the past month, he has collected several incidents where the same female skip scans items when she checks herself out. He said that the female was Ashley Wade. The associate said he is very familiar with Wade because of past thefts. According to the report, CCTV footage showed Wade, on April 4th, skip scanning several handwear items. On April 10th, she scanned a bucket but did not scan two scrapers that were inside the bucket. On April 10th (later that same day) attempts to use a 50-cent clearance sticker to scan a sporting goods cup. The sticker would not scan, so Wade just bagged the cup and walked out of the store, stealing it. On the next day, April 11th, Wade steals a wrench set and drill set. On April 18th, she scanned a $35.12 window blind with a $2.50 sticker. On April 18th, 20th and 21st, she shoplifted even more general merchandise items.

According to a Chattooga County Jail booking card, Wade was arrested on June 9th, 2022, by Corporal Flood. Wade was booked into the jail and charged with theft by taking, theft by shoplifting, and driving away without paying for gas. Wade was then released on an OR own recognizance bond.