NWGA Scanner | September 22nd, 2021

Summerville woman arrested again for DUI after nearly causing several crashes in Chattooga County

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 14th, 2021, Deputy Sanford was on routine patrol on Highway 27 in the Pennville area when E-911 dispatched a BOLO for a white Jeep Cherokee, which almost caused an accident at Trion Schools. According to the report, “E-911 advised that the BOLO came from Trion City Officer Tinney, who is the school resource officer at Trion. E-911 advised that the Jeep was being driven by a Nicholson female and that she was possibly under the influence. E-911 also advised that the Jeep ran into two ditches and almost hit a car head-on at the stop sign Back Penn at Oak Hill Road.” A short time after receiving the BOLO, Deputy Sanford spotted the white Jeep headed southbound on Highway 27 and recognized the driver as Carrie Nicholson, 34, of Summerville, GA. Deputy Sanford reported, “Traffic was heavy due to school traffic, and we were in an active school zone for Leroy Massey School.” The deputy reported Carrie was unable to maintain a single lane of travel. Deputy Sanford reported, “[I] noticed the Jeep would swerve into the turning lane where half of the Jeep was in the turning lane, and the other half was in the inside southbound lane of travel. The deputy advised Carrie continued to fail to maintain her lane of travel until he was able to conduct a traffic stop. According to the report, “Carrie traveled halfway in the turn lane and halfway in the inside southbound lane until Truck Town car lot and then turned directly in front of two vehicles that were headed northbound on Highway 27 almost causing another vehicle crash. Carrie then pulled all the way through Truck Town car lot to the office area.” The deputy reported that Carrie rolled down the rear driver-side window instead of the front. Deputy Sanford reported, “[I] noticed as Carrie was speaking to me, it appeared that she was trying to talk down and not turn her head toward me. [I] also noticed as [I] was speaking with Carrie that she appeared to be disheveled, and she did not have on any shoes, and it appeared that she had recently been crying due to her makeup being messed up.” The deputy reported that It was very clear to him that Carrie seemed very confused. The deputy then explained to Carrie that they had received a few E-911 calls concerning her driving, to which she replied, “about my driving or his driving” I then asked, “who’s driving?” and Carrie advised, “Billy’s driving.” The Billy subject she was referring to was not driving. He was in the office area of Truck Town. The deputy then reported he could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Carrie’s mouth area as they were speaking with her. Deputy Sanford reported, “[I] asked Carrie if she had consumed any alcohol today, to which Carrie hesitated and then responded with very early this morning or late last night. [I] also noticed that as Carrie was talking, she was slurring her words and her eyes appeared to be watery.” Carrie then refused all tests and interrupted the deputy while he was reading her Implied Consent NoticeI which she refused as well. According to the report, Carrie was placed in handcuffs where she became very upset and cussing Deputy Sanford and K-9 Deputy Robinson. Billy Dooley, the owner of Truck Town and boyfriend of Carrie, advised her Jeep would be fine on the property. Carrie was transported to the Chattooga County Jail, charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane. Nicholson was set to appear in Chattooga County State Court on Tuesday, but her case was continued according to court records. Nicholson’s bond was revoked based on the prior DUI charge, and she was held at the Chattooga County Jail overnight on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, Nicholson was granted a conditional bond which will require her to wear an ankle monitor until her next court date. According to reports, Nicholson has a very long history of DUI and DUI child endangerment charges. Including a recent arrest for DUI child endangerment after leaving the scene of two crashes in Catoosa County on May 27th, 2021. She was also arrested for DUI and DUI child endangerment on April 17th, 2021 in Chattooga County.