NWGA Scanner | April 17th, 2022

Switching seats, fake ID, open containers lead to three being arrested during DUI traffic stop in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On March 27th, 2022, at 1:40 AM, Officer Castillo was patrolling the area of Tony Ingle Parkway due to a large dance taking place. Officer Castillo reported, “[I] had been patrolling the area earlier this date and had caught some people drinking alcohol in the parking lot and wanted to deter this by being visible in the area.” As the officer was entering the parking lot, he was almost struck head-on by another vehicle leaving. The officer was able to avoid the collision and caught up to the vehicle 2015 Toyota Camry, which was now driving in the middle of two lanes but then got into the left turning lane to turn onto College Drive. The vehicle made a wide left turn going into the outside lane of College Drive and then coming into the inside lane. Officer Castillo reported, “The vehicle continued to drive erratic and then made a left turn into the Bojangles parking lot at 884 College Drive. The vehicle continued into the side parking lot of Bojangles and then suddenly came to an abrupt stop. While the vehicle had been driving in the parking lot, [I] had also activated my patrol car’s spotlight. This light is very bright and puts out a focused beam of bright led white light. [I] had been able to shine my spotlight inside the vehicle and could see that it was occupied by three people. After the vehicle came to a stop, [I] began to see the driver get into the front passenger side seat. I could see the driver was a male and had some type of blue and black shirt on with short black hair. [I] then saw the front passenger go into the front driver’s seat. This passenger, [I] could tell, was a female with long black hair. All this was happening as [I] was approaching the vehicle on foot with my own flashlight in hand.” The officer reported he could clearly see both occupants switching seats. Not knowing if they were trying to hide something, the officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Francisco Juan Matias, 33, of Dalton, who was now in the front passenger seat. Francisco immediately began stating his wife, later identified as Micaela Miguel De Matias of Dalton, was driving. Officer Castillo reported, “The now front female driver also began to say that she was driving. Micaela made this statement several times to me. [I] asked Micaela if she had been the one driving this whole entire time. Micaela again hindered and obstructed my DUI investigation by lying and saying she had been the one driving. Inside the vehicle, I could see in plain view several open beer containers in the center console. [I] tried to give the female a way out by admitting to me that she was not the actual driver, but she continued to say she had been driving. [I] then told her that she was now under arrest for obstructing me during this investigation.” Fransisco seemed to have a hard time standing and was swaying back and forth. The officer could also smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his mouth. Francisco said that he was going to be honest with the officer and that he had been at the dance at the convention center. Officer Castillo reported, “[I] told him that this was very obvious to me. [I] asked Francisco if he had been drinking while he was at the dance. Francisco said that he had. [I] asked him why he was driving then. Francisco said that he had not been driving and that his wife had been driving. [I] told Francisco that [I] had seen him driving and then switching seats in the car with his wife. Francisco again denied driving. [I] asked Francisco if he would do some field sobriety test. Francisco said that he would not. At this point, [I] placed Francisco under arrest for DUI and placed him in handcuffs.” Micaela was then placed in handcuffs and then turned over to Lieutenant Cantrell to be transported to the jail. The officer asked the back seat passenger, who was only 19-years-old for her ID due to also seeing an open beer container next to her. She gave the officer a Tennessee ID, which identified the female as Renae Monique Rivera. Officer Castillo reported, “[I] went back to my patrol car to run Renae through GCIC/NCIC. [I] was not able to get the ID number to come back through NCIC. [I] then began to suspect that the ID that Renae had given me was not real. [I] suspected that the ID was not real and a fake due to it appearance and the number not coming back through NCIC. [I] asked Officer Morang to ask Renae again what her name was. Officer Morang asked Renae what her name was in Spanish. Renae told Officer Morang that her name was now “Isabel”. This was not at all any of the names that her ID had and the date of birth on the ID also did not match the age of 19 she had told them. When questioning the female again she said she could not remember her name or birthday. The female said that she could not remember it. This did not make sense, and its something that I have seen during my training and experience with people that try to pass off a false identity. Most people are unable to remember the name and date of birth they give. Officer Morang again asked the female how old she was. The female did not answer. [I] told the female not to lie to me and to tell me her real name. The female said that her real name was Olga Raquel Francisco Matias, 19, of Dalton.” She was then placed under arrest for giving a false name and fake ID to the officer. Francisco was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he then began to urinate on himself. Fransisco was charged with DUI less safe, driving on the wrong side of the road, expired tag, and open container violation. Micaela was charged with obstruction of law enforcement and open container violation. Olga Raquel Francisco Matias was charged with forgery in the 1st degree, giving a false name and date of birth to law enforcement, and open container violation.